Sunday, 16 January 2022

Letting stuff go

It takes a lot for me to let stuff go and I admit it, I am a hoarder, but I know for my wellbeing that I need to. I do the method of when I want new items I need to declutter something I no longer need and be rid of items I already have and have no use for anymore.

I go by the method of when I leave my room to not leave empty handed if something needs to be desposed of and if it can be recycled. 

Doing one bit at a time helps me and so I don't tidy all in one go as I know this demotivates me, but one bit at a time, check out my EBook called: 

Things to Change one day at a time

Just making that one change can make all the difference and I will take a long look at it and ask myself could this do somebody else if it is in good condition or not and see if any family may want it or it gets given to be donated at a Charity shop. 

So this week I got rid of some bags of mine and put one in the bin and another to be recycled with some items to be donated and even though they were nice bags I knew that I was using them for storage but that is why I use Storage boxes so it let them go. 

It is because I want to invest in another bag I want that I have seen in a Charity shop and no it is better for me. I like rucksacks that have many compartments so have limited them down to two. 

Books I have tried to clear but I no I can't let them go until I have read them, and that is another thing I do, I am real to myself of what items I can really let go and so I am making way so I have my books displayed as they are on a book case but also stored in a rucksack so this week I am going to be changing things around do I can get rid of that rucksack, so technically I still have 3 rucksacks but once this bag goes I am then owning two. 

Letters, I find hard to clear but let go, because keeping old documents helped me get money through PPI, so I again I keep it and then it is sortiing them out into different categories. 

When it comes to clothes can be tough for me but use the method of "Do I really need them and do I wear them and are the items I know I am never gonna wear?" this does help me in not overdoing it and I select items in my basket but leave them in their for a while and go over if I truly need to have the item now. 

I don't what a overhaul of clothes but items I know I will get good wear out of it and lasts me a long time. 

You should check out my site called carriesversitilefashion as I post on this site twice a week, Monday's and Thursday 's of fashion I like to wear and got my mind on in adding to my wardrobe.

Household items at the minute I don't need to worry about such things as I live back with family again but for me I don't like to have loads of items just enough of what I know I will use and what it will bring to me, and if any creates more clutter I put back on the store shelf. 

It is a hard task but when I see a good set of items not overflowng I feel good and going to have a massive change that will help to and see if there are more items I don't need. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

How to get yourself organized for 2022

Hello and welcome, and Happy New Year. 

So, Christmas has come to an end for another year and so everything you bought out has to be put away and glad I didn't have to worry about but when I have my own place I will, but not organizing the decorations worked and so what I had to worry about was the gifts. 

I think because of the rush will do what I did before and plan it from January to December again as I hate having to rush around. 

Saying that I was happy with the gifts I cbose but next year I want to do something different and create bundles and if I see something that would be great as a gift buy it to save myself a lot of time. 

I am all about the time saving. Check out my video I did on my mystylewayofliving Youtube video

If it saves me the rush I do it, and that includes Christmas. 

So now I have my budget to sort out and new content to focus on. It means more Days in a life videos, more Make up and chat videos and more blogs to write, and I have 3 youtube channels, 

- typicallondongal 

- mystylewayofliving

- carrieseducationalyoutubechannel

It means changing my image and tonight going to be dying more hair for a bit more of a confident boost and develop a different set up to film my videos and started today to have a clear out and got more bits to sort out in my old home, and sorting through my son's toys stored away. 

So definitley time to start a fresh and start the year with a bang and finishes on a bang. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 


Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Lots to do and such little time

So this evening I was planning to write some Christmas cards as Henry received some for school and then realise I won't be able to give one back as I will be there doing the drop off and is my sons last day of term to then finish for the Christmas holidays. 


I have tried different ways like planning from January to December and see that I do still do this in some way but I get the presents but forget the cards. WHAT AM I LIKE? Am I looking for an answer if you have an idea. 

Should I write my Christmas cards in January? Or should do a real plan where I count the days.

In me doing that I know this will stress me out, and so yes I bought Christmas cards tonight and realised shoot, it's too late, but in saying that there are always the neighbours where I used to live and where my son lives when not with me, so won't be a complete waste of money. 

Thankfully I don't have to cook the food for Christmas and that is a Godsend, and so really I don't have an excuse, I JUST CAN'T A CHRISTMAS CARD IF IT BIT ME IN THE BOTTOM.

Should this be something I need to address to the world? Well here it is. 

So I suppose it will be another set written but not sent, but nevermind saves a Postman a job, so there is method with my madness,

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X  

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Use what you no longer need to those that do/storage ideas

 Christmas is a time to give gifts and a good way to declutter your home whilst you decorate for the festive season. 

Hand creams is a good item for the winter as my hands always get sore and chapped if I don't use hand cream and so is an essential item, but try natural products and not items that have too many added unwanted ingredients in them. 

These make good presents but it all depends on that person's skin but are a nice item that has not been used and still brand new. 

If you have books that you have read why not pass them on or if you to re-read it create a shelf to do that and have a books in section "To be read again", but if you haven't touched them over a year and forget "One day" pick on up or pass it on. 

Give items back like books back to charity shops as it helps them earn money again for the charity and a good way of passing the book on for someone else to get pleasure out of it. 

Have a lucky dip for your kids instead of an advent calendar, or to help prep for Christmas and can be decorations for the tree for them to hang, have personalised barbles and use Christmas as a way to use up your bakery ingredients stored and then make way for other food for Christmas, and reduces waste, making sure they are okay to use up. Check the label of the item or if stored in a jar put a label on it from when it was originally put in the jar with the expiring date or best before dates.

Use up chocolate bars to make into a cake for Christmas, like Oreo cup cakes or digestives bashed made into crumbs to make a base for a cheesecake, including chocolate digestives or bourbans is nice and makes the cheese super rich but great as a change, and so worth it. 

If you have a someone with a birthday close by Christmas then it can be difficult knowing what to buy them separates their birthday and Christmas by having kids in fancy dress of their favourite books and use clothes you already have or handmedowns, always welcomed and make custumes out of paper. My mum did this once when we would holiday in Clacton and the holiday camp there would have fancy dress competitions and not about Christmas or have a birthday party in the morning and Christmas in the evening. 

Have a birthday breakfast party and then have Christmas feast and do picky bits of different foods, depending on your budget and have sibling or any one who volunteers their help. 

It is all about loving the festive season and doing what makes bring smiles and creating everlasting memories. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

My first mince pie and Christmas coffee/Let's get festive

Hello and welcome to a new post. 

This time of year once the first 4 birthdays on this side of the year of my family, have passed I will start prepping for Christmas, and start to get ideas of gifts to buy and have a theme, and not gonna say what theme it will be this year as those I buy for, may read this blog, but you might find this helpful to help you plan for Christmas.

I always set a day in December, to do my Christmas shopping, and I do write a list and have a dedicated folder to help me too and a notebook, to prep and, already had a mince pie and a Christmas coffee. The one I always have is the Blackforest Hot Chocolate from Costas.

I like personal items like Jewellery, gift sets and gift cards. 

When planning for Christmas I do budget but I do go extra when it comes to buying items for children in the family, my son and nieces, and this year instead of putting items into a box or gift bag, I am going to buy some pillowcases and use this for gifts, or a tote bag, as they can use these aswell. 

I like to do different things, and I am gonna make some Christmas cards, and do a bit of decor if I can and one item I am gonna get is small Christmas tree to have in Henry's room where he lives with his dad, and going to buy advent calendars this year rather than make one and when it comes to hosting Christmas, I have no idea as not sure where I will be, but I would like to do that again and I like seeing family and seeing those I don't get to see during the year, at Christmas too.

For kids it for me is for Kids and allowing then to enjoy being a kid, and creating magical memories. I used to love a Christmas party and would have a lots of these this time of the year when I worked up in London, and living in a housing estate. They were all funtimes. 

I want it to be different to last years and not go too mad, but do little things I buy some more mince pies, buy selection boxes, read a Christmas book and buy some Advent Calendars. 

I hope this blog gives you some inspiration and go and get yourself or make a nice Christmas drink and lets get festive. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X  


Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Organizing for half term/How to organize birthdays this time of the year

Hello, so last week and this week kids have had, in the UK half term, and some get one week and others get two weeks, which is currently it for me, but because I co-parent with his father, Henry is spending time with him at the moment, and then back with me on Wednesday which is tomorow as I write this blot post. 

His, my son birthday next week and it can be tricky to get him bits, but I have picked up some and want to take him out on his birthday but he is back at school then, so gonna use the weekend instead, either before his birthday or after, and trying to get tickets to take him to a football match. Also the rugby is on so thinking we could do a rugby or a visit to Bockets Farm. They do, do birthday celebrations, and my niece had hers there. 

You don't have to worry about food they do it all for you. and when it comes to gifts always have a table if they can provide it to put the gifts together. It has an indoor play area and outdoor, so you aren't stuck when it is raining outside. 

My son loves Thomas the tank engine and has actually been on this train, and so check out out, as that is a great day out, and I have bought him a pop up book from Whsmiths and a big thomas tank engine train from Amazon. I want to get him or making him a writing set as he started to lots more of this now.

Going on this theme colouring books are great and making your own by the power of the internet can be even better for them and no cost at all, and kids are not worried about price but on how it will make them feel and good to get useful things rather than all toys. 

If they are having a load of kids together then it is good to set a meeting area, and have them play first and some venues will have it where the kids get to play for an hour and then have birthday party once they have had time to explore, if you want to organize something like visiting a zoo or a farm. 

When is their birthday near or during half term then plan ahead and book ahead, as places like Bocketts farm have many families booking and so you do have to get in early or you can end up missing your chance, and do forget Christmas parties will begin too at such places, and so plan ahead. 

Do a prep and check list and I often use just my notepad and often will put it on my phone aswell as I have got my ideas together and gone through what I have booked and still do get. 

So I hope this helps you and if it is your's or your childrens birthday then best wishes to you.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X  

Friday, 22 October 2021

How to help remember tasks each day when there is so much to remember

Hello and welcome to a new organzation blog. So going through what I did when I started this post, yesterday when I had an appointment in the morning, and then in the afternoon/evening went to my son's school parents evening, and worked on books, and going through things that have been done and what I'd forgot about. For me, that was picking up my prescription and go to also sort out getting an upgrade on my phone. 

So to help me remember I have a physical notebook, have lists on OneNote and have another wall planner with top important things to remember, as being a busy bee, I have to a lot to remember, so I am all about the list. 

I do set allerts on my phone too, and keep items in my notepads on my phone and have two along with Google Calendar. 

For me its about getting in done and making sure I schedule time for myself too, and taking time out from the everyday grind can help with the memory, well for me it does, and having some quiet time. 

The other thing is to listening to music, or reading a book, especially when travelling and I get anxious over appointments, but I do this by giving myself a good amount of time and always see if there is somewhere, where I can have a coffee whilst I wait and I am making it a habit to have a coffee and read a good mag, and I did this today, now finishing this blog on Friday, the start of my son't half term break, and now its making time so I can take Henry out to places, and are affordable. 

Soon my son will be in, so gonna end this blog, but more blogs will still be published, but be pre-scheduled, and so have a good half term everyone, and if you want to read more content that I write about, then please visit my Pinterest site: 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X