Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Organizing on my birthday

Getting to grips with organizing can take its time, but I like the result at the end where the floor is clearish as I like to lay my shoes out and like a functional work space and got clothes to be put away. Yet today is my birthday and don't feel like doing much, but feel I can't do nothing, so I fancy doing a bit of admin perhaps edit a video and just do little bits. I am filming a day/week in a life and so this will be going up probably next week, and it still doing something and document today.

If I find I don't want to do as planned then I am going to be okay with that for today. I did write a mini list so I am not having total break, but again see how I feel. I find when it is my birthday that I want to something different from the norm, and today was planning on doing a long walk, but hopefully I will to do this next Monday so going to be on hold, but still do some walking and fancy looking around the shops, but again may leave that and getting myself a donut with a coffee and taking eating it at my son's house in Epsom. 

You only get one birthday and so not going to waste today, and tonight I am going for a meal at Wagamma's and perhaps have a cocktail and then it is back home and get ready for the Wednesday, and so gonna take my time and see how I feel and make the most of what I want to do and worry about what I need to do for the rest of the week. 

When it comes to organizing it is important to have rest days or a night off and so for that is usually Saturday's and this includes social media, I only like to post on my Instagram, but everything else I leave until the week, or on a Sunday. 

So if it is your birthday too, then Happy Birthday. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal  

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Re-organize your life

I feel like this week has stopped in that I can't focus on anything else because of following the news of the Queen and Royal Family, and because I am doing a course this week and so been a different kind of week. 

The one thing I have been sorting out is my google calendar and would like to do more and love my weekly block schedule I created. This is available on my blog:

It is good to have a change of routine as it can be boring doing the same thing everyday and so I do like to mix it up, example I have been using my mornings to catch up with the news and whilst travelling listen to music, as I was carrying my laptop didn't want to hunt for my reading book. I would like to do some more reading today, and yesterday I had a large lunch because I was going out late in the day to visit my son's school. 

Today I will be late home because my son's dad has to go to his college and so it means making sure I complete my training in good time. I did get to see my son off to school this morning, and so I am pleased about that as I will be spending more time with him after he has finished school. 

It is ok if plans change as they can, it could be that your child is sick and so will have to pick them up from school, or like the Queen someone in your family have passed away and it is amazing how professional and dignified the Royal Family are, as it is if they have to time to grieve but concentrate on their duty as the Monarchy. 

So organization to me can be sorting out change to spend more time with family not just about getting to do lists done, and making sure that you have time to yourself too. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Typical London Gal 

Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Getting ready for the new school year 2022

Yes the schools are open and it feels strange after 6 weeks holiday as you get used to the routine of the summer holidays, only for it to change again. I don't mind though it means I can take time in the mornings again and spend time with my son each day and today me and Henry are going to make a cake. 

It is good to spend this time to do homely things and sort stuff out. At the moment I am doing a Autumn Reset, which I have created to do a sort of, of areas that need to be sorted out, preparing for the new season and used to call it a Autumn Clear up, but it is the same. It is going through my laptop, my room and closet to get stuff ready for the colder months and be get rid of items I that no longer adds value to my life, and I enjoy doing this, it means starting a fresh. 

I would like to get a autumn mug, but want to save more and get ready as this is the birthday season for me. My mums, my brothers, Henry, sister in law and step dad, so its time to budget and then Christmas yes, sorry I had to mention it, and I know neither am I fully ready and the fear of it, is rising. 

It means making sure Henry has enough uniform and ordered some new tops for when he does P.E, but they haven't arrived yet and so got that to worry about and could do without but remember, no use worrying as it doesn't fix it, it just adds salt to the wounds and I have chased it up, so I hope they turn up and if not will be emailing until they reply and it gets sorted out. 

Getting to grips with what my son will be learning this year and I thought this was tomorrow but it isn't and will be next week. I am looking forward to hearing about what he will be learning this year and do some fun educational games ourselves and going to make some sheets for him and go through other means of him learning and getting to grips with his education to improve his ability even more. 

Keeping track is important so I know what areas he needs to build on and be on the same page as my sons school and work together. 

It means making sure I get to Epsom on time waiting for him to return from school and helps to get things done whilst travelling and so going to use the time wisely and help me help him. So it means reading a book, going through my emails and listening to music, and so having quiet time ready for when he arrives as he likes to play as soon as he gets in.

I want to continue to help Henry learning about the seasons again and the months of the year and so going to set a plan for him and me and will share on my Parenting blog The parenting adventures tips and tricks. 

So lets get to it, school has returned and got to get bits done before I have to travel to wait for him to come home. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal 

Monday, 22 August 2022

Having a day off

When it comes to organisation, it is important to include days off. It is so easy to go into overdrive to put things away, dust a shelf or clear off the computer, to make space for other content to be done and ready to upload, that we tend to forget and get so overwhelmed with getting stuff done. 

Why can't it wait? Noones going to remember that you missed a sock to wash, or you forgot to dust a windowsill, and take time on other things, like having a nice hot bath and paint your nails and just allow yourself to look after the body and the mind. 

I can't be on the laptop all day, because my laptop has a tendency to crash, and I was getting neck ache so took myself away, to sit on a sofa in the living room, where I live and watch some TV. 

Everyone needs a break so as much as it is important to get the laundry done, it also time to sit down and relax. Never fight tiredness or what your body is saying to you, and make yourself number one, as some time away can be the best thing you could do. Rest your mind and body, and have a good body and skincare routine. 

I love watching Youtube videos, after I have had a shower, shaved my legs and sit in front of my laptop, to put cream on my face and body. I find it so relaxing and just unwind. 

Rest and sleep is just as important as looking after your kids, and managing your home. Set a time to give yourself some self love, and do a bit of reading. I like going to a local park and sitting the garden whilst my son goes to a kids club, and read a book. I like travelling by bus and reading my book, also I like to listen to an audiobook. Whenever I have time to do other things aswell as writing blogs, I take it.

I love to write and love blogging but being on my laptop all day long can cause burnout and becomes an errand, which I am not going to allow this to be. So I will have a day off and so should you, just as important to look after others, we need to put ourselves first too. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal 


Monday, 8 August 2022

Looking after the home

So this week I have been spending time on my own and forgot what is like to looking after a home, and am doing so as my mum and step dad are away and sometimes these, from experience tend to be taken for granted. 

Sunday and Monday's are my RESET DAYS, where I will tidy up, and sort out my bedroom, strip my son and mine bed, washing clothes and this week been having to remember to water the plants and flowers inside and out, and this is an area where I have often forgot to do. I am not very good at wildlife and looking after it, so written into my list so I do remember. 

I know if  I don't write it down it won't get done and I do a list for the week and each day. This helps me stay on track. 

This means also means having my meals for the day, and I do like food shopping, and always budget on items I need like, and have been tempting to have a takeaway but stopped myself and make the food I would order from a fast food outlet, for myself. Like this evening as I write this blog, I had chicken nuggets with chips, and diet coke. Tomorrow it will be steak and roasted vegetables, and make homemade wedges.

I do plan my meals, not on paper but in my head and I do make a list, and I sorted out my clothes too, and getting rid of piles, and no this doesn't include having hard pooh. 

It so good to have a room less decluttered, and I know a lot talk about it, that it clears the mind, but it is so true and it is doing these habits that help me get through the week and days. It takes me ages to get started, but once I am awake will spend that time having a tidy up, and I selected Tuesday's after I have done my TA training that I am doing at the moment, to have a sort out in one area, whether a device or physically in my room, and so tomorrow I am going to do just that. I have not chosen an area, but will take care of it tomorrow, and it feels good to have space. 

It so good to have my bin cleared, just got a few things for recycling and then going to take my shower and still do some work, but will have time on my hands to do so. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal 



Monday, 25 July 2022

Getting passed the first week of Summer Holidays

Today because my son came back with me in Wimbledon kept thinking it was a Friday and did a lot in one day, but now he, my son is a sleep I get a bit of time to myself and today was a success. I know sounds like I am being smug, but I am not, just happy to have gotten through the day. 

Me and Henry when he was about two years old 

Tomorrow I start some new training and so my mum will be looking after my little lordship, but then back with him on Wednesday and more time outdoors for him to get as much fresh air as possible and have lots more fun. Then on Thursday I am taking him to the London Aquarium, and going to be an adventure because I think there is going to be destruction on the trains, but never mind that is life in London. There is always issues, so you get used to it. 

You just have to try your best and so it does go as planned never mind there is always a next time. Well so I tell myself. 

When it comes to living in London you do have to plan ahead, so I will be checking alternative routes just in case. 

This morning whilst we got ready for the day I put on some songs and we did a bit of dancing in the Living room and would recommend it. Good to get the energy going and not allow my tiredness from getting up early to get to me, even though I was laying down on the sofa partly, but then my son wanted to join me and forgets how heavy he is now. 

It is good to spend time doing different things rather the same old thing everyday. It does get boring so more adventures and going to get myself to bed, and rest up as we get through this first week and have more things planned and then he will be spending time with his dad and so will get a break. 

Any how it is has been a good day and I hope you did too. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Typical London Gal 

Friday, 15 July 2022

Is time for TV? Getting rid of the weeks pressures

I had scheduled to write blogpost today, but due the time 18:38, I feel tired so was going to leave it, but I made a commitment and wanted to stick to it. I know if I don't do it I will feel this guilt that I have going to have a list of items not ticked off.  

I feel very lethargic and know that it is coming to the end of the week and so it is time for some TV, well England Ladies are playing so got to get my priorities right. 

It is good to have some good TV time as it helps to wind down the week and I don't watch TV everyday so why not? Life is about living and so it is a must you have some play time, watching sport and plan the week of things to watch. I admit that I watch a lot of Youtube as I do have my own channel and was how I got into it. You can find my channel via this link:

This is good to sit and watch TV with a friend or family as it can be so relaxing and why not set the time to have a bath, read a book with the TV at the background, and with a glass of wine. 

You have to have days when you do something different and because I have some time on my own tonight going to make the most of it. 

So get rid of the weeks pressures and demands and just put the to do list aside for some time to be with the remote control and some peace.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X