Saturday, 26 December 2020

Organizing Post Christmas/being productive/have self care and down time

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In this post I am talking about Organizing Post Christmas. I didn't do any decorating this year as I am staying with my mum until I can get a place of my own again. I am due to move but its taking a bit of time. 

However it doesn't mean I have nothing to Organize because I do. There are projects that I have been working on to finish this year, and some I want to create for the new year. 

So what I tend to do is fill in my two planners and go through what I want to accomplish in the day and stop me getting down because Christmas is coming to the end again. I go through everything I have done and needs doing. I also use One Note which is a brilliant computer programme that helps me stay organized and on track. 

When blogging and writing a book can be so scattered that you can lose your way a bit and so I make sure I write lists and schedule in posts and work on my books, as I go, making sure I also have some time outdoors on some days and watch a bit of TV or Youtube. 

Breaking my days up is a great way to still be productive but not get too bogged down with work. 

I like to plan the new year before and after Christmas, and set goals without fail. I like to have things I want to do rather than all items being what I have got to do, as this list can often be one I want to avoid, so I balance it out in a way that I make sure the must do's get done aswell as the wish to do's.

The other thing I like to schedule in time to read a book and write in my journals as it is good to reflect on life and how it is going, and yesterday in ages I did a home workout. 

I had been putting it off but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I would say schedule time for self care as looking after yourself as well as other people, and make that favourite meal that will make you feel you have a had a good structured day and make time to speak to friends still by phone and have a glass of wine or two. 

Organizing Post Christmas is about making the most of the days you have free if you are off from working, and if you have a film you love, put that on too, I am dying to watch one of my favourite Christmas films and I have scheduled it in.

Life doesn't have to be set in stone, but having things that serve a purpose is what I really focus on, and so I am going to get on with the otther posts I plan to write today, whilst singing to some wonderful tunes to my hearts content and when someone moans and tells you to shut take it as a sign to carry on. It's your voice, your time and your life. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

Friday, 18 December 2020

Organizing your kids at Christmas

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However I wanted to write this post on here as getting kids organized at Christmas is a key ingredient of keeping them busy and entertained and prevent them from becoming bored, whilst you help with the cooking or chat with family or friends you haven't seen in a long while. 

Christmas should be a time where kids are excited and ready to receive their gifts they have asked for. 

If your children haven't written their Christmas list, then get them to do so. There is still time and actually I thought all the shops would be shut as was told there would be another Lockdown, which there isn't. 

Many shops are still open, and I usually get many of my gifts from Very, but I bought a couple of bits from Boots today, and got my son some bits from very for Christmas and something for my mum and her husband. 

There are some really nice homewares and clothes for kids on there, and don't just check their Christmas collection of products but check out their Clearance section too. 

So to be creative get them to make a poster using coloured paper to create their Christrmas list, and make pillow cases into stockings. My mum did that for us one year and I loved it. 

Have them write their names on their posters and put up on a wall, like in the hallway near the front door or in their rooms. 

When it comes to the day, nominate a child to help you distribute the presents like my Grandad Skinner used to do, and children to help set the table. My Nan Skinner at one time had the children on one table and the adults on another. 

If you are creative then teach the kids how to make funny shapes with reusable napkins which are much more cost effective than disposable napkins. 

Would you believe me if I told you that I spent Christmas with the Queen of England once, as my Nan was working for her at Bolton Gardens? Well yes. Now someone may argue this case, but it is true. 

My Nan was the Caretaker of Bolton Gardens where the Royal Family would visit, especially the Queens Sister Princess Margarette. 

I wish I could remember it, but I don't as I was very young. My Nan and Grandad, lived there after living in First Street, to Holland Park and then yes, Bolton Gardens. 

Create some games for after Dinner that they can play, once they have finished admiring and using many of their Christnas presents. 

The other thing you can do as a family is do secret santa. Have all the names of all the kids in a hat or a bucket and pick out a name of who they have to buy for, but keep it a secret until the big day. 

If you want to give their school teacher a gift then you can do this. Usually the mums who organize  this at my son's school, put together a handmade gift with all the kids names and message to the teachers and collect money donations to give flowers or chocolates to their teachers.

Some schools may have broken up today, and so it will be too late to create Christmas cards for their school friends if they haven't done so already, but they can draw on their cousins or siblings wrapped up presents with a personalised message included. 

The one thing I like to buy is Henry a new Christmas book, and I going to do the same this year and get it from Works who do a great deal on their children's books. Usually 5 for £5 or something like that, and yes I am going to get him a new Christnas book and will continue to do this for all the kids I hope to have in the future.

Anyway this will be the last blog until Post Christmas, which is next Friday. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and will write another blog post on this site as we get near to a new year.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Looking after the People in my Life

Now I am writing this as I have switched off. It's what I do when I am so angry and fed up. This is where I don't want to talk to anyone, or see anyone. I have done this since a kid and it is my way of dealing with things when others are doing anything to hurt me, and fuck my life up.

I am going to move away and be forgotten by those that want to get in my way, and I do go for people and I will continue and I will be following some people to see that I can stick up for myself and I can hurt others just like they think they can. 

There was once a young woman who had six different sisters, and each one had a different personality, one was shy, one was jealous of everyone, one that didn't care, one that was super confident, one that didn't like kids false stop and one that wanted to stop her brothers from hurting her, and was ganged up by the other 5. 

All they thought about was murder and wanted to kill a child they claimed to have given birth to, and the original person who was called M.S, I will call her and did at the age of 6. She claimed that when this child reached a certain age that ended in two, would be starved to death, hanged outside the window to claim they could kill anyonee or anything. 

When I first heard this tale I was absolutely intregued and wanted to know more about these 6 sisters and get to know them.

I want to write a book about this as it is such a good story, even though it is slightly horrifc I would like this to written into a book as I think it will sell very quickly and be a Bestseller. So who ever does write this and invented it, publish it and you will have the life you want and will be one of the best books out there and sell out.

I know who the little girl is but I am not going to say, initials LB. which is a character I created as if I did become famous I would always use these initials to disguise my real name.

I like to Organize the people in my life not to control but help them to not directly but through my blogs as everyone has the right to be a star and not be stopped. 

When I looked at the London Palladium because me and my fellow friend Lee Mack will be on it and make sure I am his bodyguard not mine and if anyone hurts that gentleman I will be having words with them too. 

So to the Loves in my life, thank you and I will love you just like you love me, my darling Lee.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M)