Tuesday, 9 April 2013

blog ears to dog ears (revisited): There's a path called life and we're all on it...t...

blog ears to dog ears (revisited): There's a path called life and we're all on it...t...: There's a path called life and we're all on it - the choice is whether to keep keeping on, or just sit down and enjoy the view. ...
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Set a challenge

A good way to get yourself motivated to organize is by setting yourself small challenges.
For example I have now challenged myself to try and get my weekly grocery shopping under £45.00.
I did actually achieved this first time I set the challenge and spent £36.00, I now have stuck to keeping with that challenge each week, and it has helped to save money on shopping, and organize my groceries, and makes sure all food is used and not wasted.

I always every week write a list and I buy items that I know will make up meals for other weeks to helps us save for those weeks to come. It is always good to keep tinned items, just check for those that have no added sugar or salt. There is a certain frown on tinned food, but I would not live without it as they save time and money, which goes for the same as frozen vegetables and produce.

We used to spend my husband and I over £100 a week on shopping and I remember thinking "No that is too much".

Then I watched a programme on YouTube called extreme couponing and it opened my eyes. Now in the UK our system is slightly different here and coupons are not really known very well here in the UK but I still used them and it they did help me, but also I learned from others on YouTube about planning ahead on my weekly shop so you can make those recipes you keep and reduce the cost of your shop. Making for example home made bolognese sauce is so much nicer and cost effective than a jar already made, and you can make other meals from the rest of the ingredients left over.

That is another challenge that me and my husband have set that we will make one meal from our recipe books a week, or I bake a cake or other pudding for dessert instead a week. You can do the 60 second cleaning challenge, where by you set your clock for 60 seconds (or 1 minute) and you pick a room to tidy and you have to clean and tidy it within 60 seconds and you will be surprised how quickly things can get done.

So go on set yourself a challenge today and see what you can organize and de-clutter today. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 5 April 2013

Organizing on a budget

When organizing on a budget is easy you just have to look around all the options you have, the boxes that are used for delivering parcels to your door, the pound and 99p shops.

I use the 99p and poundshop for part of my groceries such as milk, cheese, cereal, sausages and Ham for sandwiches etc, to my stationary, such as post it notes and plastic folders which I use very often for projects and storing important information.

My employment has now come to an end now and so the folders I used which have plastic sleeves in them I have reused, as they were items I had bought for my work and great for storing instruction manuals or magazine cut outs that I do keep on fashion, cooking, inspiring articles, exercise and fitness information and useful and helpful information.

To meal plan and to do my shopping list I use a shopping List and Meal planner notebook which I bought from Amazon, only for £3.89 and are sold by a company called Paper Things

I use this all the time for my weekly shopping lists and for planning meals, I work around on the food I have already in my cupboards and fridge.

I do look in newspapers for good shopping deals in supermarkets and online, be careful of the items that are 2 for £5.00 as sometimes they do work out to be more expensive also if you are going to go for these deals plan the meals you are going to make so nothing is wasted. Items such as Mince, Pies and pizza etc can be kept frozen.

I also have a Day To Day To do notebook which again I use all the time and saves me money on printing, as I can just write down each day of what needs to be done. This is available from Amazon for just £4.25.

You can use any notebook and create your own To do book; it is all about as I have said before in my other blogs what works for you, and there are many ways to keep organized, it is just finding that structure and balance to get things done but also that you schedule important things to be done aswell as the things you need to do for yourself, "Your me time".

Many thanks for reading,
Carrie X