Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Ideal Home

I saw this picture when searching on google on my ideal bedroom and this instantly stood out for me. 

I am wanting to change my bedroom so was looking on colour and storage ideas too. 

I love the colours in the picture above and the brightness these colours bring to the room. When imagining myself in this room it brings a calm relaxed feeling just what you need to come home to after a busy long day and time to chill in luxury. This is what your home should be to you and your bedroom should be your sanctuary where you relax, chill and your own private space or love nest as I call mine and Elv (my Husband) Bedroom. 

I do have purple on my duvet cover and pillow cases, and dark chocolate colour furniture with white walls and light colour curtains and blinds. Furniture is from Argos, and our storage coffee table that I had mentioned my previous blog was on special offer in the Mirror Newspaper. The bed is from Argos too and love our black leather bed. The only issue we have is our mattress was the wrong size and so one tip when getting new mattress check what size you need first never guess, as mattress can be quite expensive and so it is good to always check first before investing in a good, comfortable quality mattress. 

I am going to changing our bedroom as it has worked from when we first moved in but want to give it a make over as it is tidy and clean but I know it can be better. 

Investing time on giving your room a make over can really cheer you up and open your eyes to new change and new beginnings.

I will take picture of the storage and things I currently use that I am going to keep,and then take picture of the changes I make and the new bedding, furniture, draw organizers I have used and will be using, plus some other storage ideas you can use. 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Organising the Home

The home is where the heart is.

It is your base where you recharge your batteries and take care of your family, pets, catch up on your blogs, social network, and TV.

When you go home to a clean and tidy place after a hard day’s work, you can’t help but give a great sigh relief that you are safe at home, and can close the door to the rest of the world.

As a child I never really appreciated my home, and having my own room. It would constantly be in a mess, and I would be told off to clear it up. 

I was a hoarder and would keep things that I never really used and would fold up and leave money in draws and forget about it.

My mum was always trying to help me clear the clutter and there would be times when I did try but the momentum never lasted very long.

Now I have my own place, which I share with my husband I know how important it is to keep it tidy and do appreciate it, and try to keep my home as tidy as possible.

There are no longer piles of piles but things are in their rightful place, either in the cupboard, a folder or filed away neatly, there still some changes I would like to make but it is liveable now and it is true what others say, that it does make you feel good in yourself when things around you are clear and uncluttered.

They should be on a bookcase, storage bin or cupboard, and only keep a few at a time. 
If you have a tablet, iPad, or iPhone you can use these for reading books instead, or use a kindle, which my Sister-in-law raves about, and we even bought my mum one for her birthday. Lots of the books available on Kindle are free. 

I now use my tablet for reading some books and for one my magazines I often read. 

However if you are like myself and would still like to read an actual book from time to time, then go ahead; but make sure you have a home for them and keep it minimal, there is no need to keep a massive pile or clutter your shelves with loads of books. Are you really going to read them all?

Once you clear the piles of books, then you can donate them to someone else who may want to read them, recycle them or give to a charity shop. Some local library's do take old books and you can now sell them online. 
(I have provided further details where you can sell books online further down).

Please do not be afraid you are not on your own. 

I have a draw that is all for recycle paper and I also keep a couple of pieces of recycled paper near the printer, to help save money on paper and printing. Not all items have to be printed or written, on fresh new unused paper for example my football training plans are on recycle paper. This is because only I will see the plans and no one else will so there is no need to waste paper that no one else is going to see. I also use my recycle paper for sticking some of my magazine clippings I wish to keep or I use my scanner to scan pictures and articles sometimes to save paper.

Make a place for your paper work and separate the paper such as keep, recycle and destroy.
The paperwork you need to keep categorize and separate into a file storage unit or in separate folders or in a ring binder with separate binders.

Here are examples of these categories that I use:

            - Bank statements
      -Bank letters
      -Household bill
      -Grocery receipts
       - Online personal purchases.
              - Reports
      - Home Projects

For craft papers keep these separate and in a separate craft box or draw so all your craft paper, scrapbooks, embellishments, card making paper etc is all in one place.

Magazines & Newspapers
When keeping magazines and newspapers tidy and organised, use a bin, magazine file, or basket.
However if you have piles and piles hoping one day you will read them and they are year or so old, then it time to recycle and dispose.
If there are articles you wish to keep then do so and categories for example, clippings to fashion, inspiring stories, fitness and exercise ideas and information .
Or if there are too many and you don’t think you will get through all of them then the oldest ones dispose first, then go through the ones you have kept in the last 3-6 months.
Let’s face it if you were going to read them, you would have done so by now.

CD’s and DVD's
Today I read a great article in relation to this, written by Myke Thomas on
You can now sell your books, CD’s and DVD’s to lots of websites such as:

My husband and I store our CD's and DVD's in file cases with the individual sleeves. This has really helped with space. To store the cases we bought a coffee table which had storage inside for magazines, CD's and DVD's and so this is where we keep them along with all catalogues and brochures. 

This coffee table we keep in our bedroom. 

This is another idea just because an item is supposedly for the living room or bedroom it doesn't mean you have to use it in that area, as it does depend on the space you have and where it suits you. Be original in your organization and storage ideas. 

The CD's and DVD's were in our dashboard in the living room, but we have since made space so I can store my stationary items, paper reams, and files and folders.

Please see some links below of some storage for CD's and DVD's available from Amazon, whom I often by my storage items from:

Caselogic CD Wallet Organiser 208 capacity 



You can also use a bin or storage box to store your DVD's and CD's. 

I used to display them to impress but no one really takes notice. They are not ornaments.

The other way to arrange them is have the CD’s and DVD’s you use most often separated in another place where you can easily access them.  

For example I keep the fitness DVD’s and the new DVD’s that I have recently bought I do keep things in the TV display unit as I know I will be using them frequently. 

However I don’t have loads and loads of DVD’s or CD’s on display now, just what I know I will use frequently and it does help clear the clutter, just the ones I know I will be listening or watching on a weekly and daily basis. 

Keep a list of all the films and CD's you have, when you arrange them categorize I did do this too, and I did help as I was not searching through each case to find the CD or DVD I wanted to listen to or watch.

So I hope these ideas have given some more ideas on your organization and it is good to start on these items first as they are the main culprits to clutter.

Please pass on your own ideas you have. 

Many thanks for reading. 

Carrie x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Organize 4 The better/The Journey of being a full time writer

If you had said that 10 years or so ago that I would be a professional fultime writer I wouldn't say "Don't be stupid" but "Really oh right when?"
I kept coming backwards and forwards writing a blogpost, and at first couldn't really get into it, but then it was as if a switch had pushed and once I was out of the starting blocks there was no going back.

This post was my very first one I wrote and I was gleaming that I found my love for organizing, yet it always ended up at the bottom of the list. Yeah I don't like organizing or cleaning. I do it because I can't stand the marks on my work desk and it comes to the point when you have to say "It has to be done, because if it doesn't then what?"

I live by reivention and I did when I began blog writing as I was used to writing books but not blogs, and it is a genre of its own but it is good one to get into and now being part of the blog world its kinda great.

So get ready for some "I don't like organizing and I don't organize consciously" yet I do have a work system. Yeah I am reading what I just wrote, it is a simple and manageable one and I had a revulation that I have found after trying so many methods, the one that works without hesitation and repetition.

I just wish Boris, oh lawful Prime Minster would do the same.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X