Monday, 30 December 2013

Parenting organisation

Becoming a parent not so long ago, giving birth to a baby boy in November it is so important even more now to be organized.

It can easy become frantic and have everything everywhere, especially when your baby begins to scream which at first can make you panic and suddenly you have milk everywhere, baby clothes in piles, washing piling up and can be never ending.

Since being a mum for the first time the one piece of advice I would give is, if someone offers to give you a helping hand, take it. Having a new baby is an exciting time, but also a stressful time too, because of all the things you have to remember, and having a premature baby can add to the anxiety of being a new mum or dad too. So let others do the house chores whilst you enjoy your baby and getting some well deserved rest, and it is beneficial even though I am sure you new mums have read over and heard this trillion times before, but do sleep when your baby sleeps.

If your mum like mine offers to help with taking care of the baby some nights or days giving you a night or afternoon to catch up on some sleep or you want to go out but don't want to take the baby outside yet, then let mum or dad take care of the little one, as giving yourself time helps you to recuperate and get that time to yourself back.

The one thing I have created which has helped is a changing basket this has everything from spare clean babygrows, vests, bibs, nappies, cotton buds, baby wipes, nappy rash cream and nappy bags. I would not go without this and it has everything I need so when it is time to change my son Henry, it is all there ready, and no frantic panic because I have to leave the baby on his own to go upstairs should his baby grow need changing, and trust me babies do need there clothes changing a lot.

Here is my changing basket I created:

The basket was purchased from Amazon for £20.00 which included delivery and is perfect size and very light to carry. I also would advise if you like myself have your baby sleeping downstairs during the day and upstairs during the night and you change your baby in those places have 2 changes mats one for upstairs and one for downstairs so you don't have to keep transporting one all the time.
Also invest in a travel mat very handy when changing baby in baby changing cubicles when out. Mine came with my changing bag and very useful, worth paying the extra just for this.

In the basket I have used my spare toiletry bags to keep certain items in. The spotted toiletry bag (see full details of this in picture above and the two below) this was also bought some while ago from Amazon and I keep all spare vests, socks and bibs in.

In the bottom compartment I have spare bibs and vest suits.

In this picture above is the top compartment of the toiletry bag and has more vest suits and a pair of socks.

I keep spare babygrows, another spare baby vest, baby tops and bottoms in this spare bag to your left which originally carried another product I bought but no longer use, so used it for other purposes for holding toiletries but now very handy for story baby clothes and has string attachment on it so easy to open and access quickly.

Here is a picture of some of the items I keep in this bag, these were lovely items the baby vest suit was a Christmas present for Henry which came with a matching blanket too from my brothers family, and a babygrow which was a present for Henry, for when he was born. It was bought by one of my mums work colleagues and I will post more details on these gifts on my other blogs and

 I keep my nappies, cotton wool buds, nappy rash cream and baby wipes in a hello kitty toiletry bag, which I bought from Avon, and great as I can just take this out with me and store in the compartment underneath my pram so very useful. (See photos).

I do also keep a spare packet of nappies in basket so I can refill my hello kitty bag whenever this runs out or runs low with nappies.

This helps save me a lot of time and is always there ready to use when I need to and I can easily transport it from upstairs to downstairs and visa versa.

I keep spare nappy rash creams and baby wash  in a little see-through bag in basket aswell which I bought with my changing bag from the baby show and great as I see exactly what is in it.

I would recommend that if you are expecting a baby or just had a baby to create yourself a changing basket or even use a bag, just keeping everything you need together.

It is worth planning and preparing before your baby but do also prepare for when the plans don't workout exactly to how you wished for them too. Our son didn't take to the Tommee Tippee bottles we bought as he couldn't get on with the teat so we had to buy instead Avent bottles which were better, so try as much as you can not to get frustrated if things don't workout as originally planned and do ask for help if you need to. It is an overwhelming time being a new mum and dad, and the easier you can make it for yourself the better.

I will posting more about parent organization and posting on my other blogs which I provided links to above aswell, as I keep you posted of my new learned parent dilemmas and skills. If I can help others as I learn to be a new mum too, then the better it is for you and myself. If you want to get in contact with me for a chat online as some support or advice I can help with then please do leave a comment in the box below this blog.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X