Saturday, 29 February 2020

Organizing my Life

Getting to grips with everything can be tricky so organizing my life is a must especially being a parent.

  • The one strategy I follow is have everything ready the night before and wash my sons school uniform during the week and at the end of the week, to get ahead for Monday.

This is the same when going some where for the day and it is good to have items of clothing being a mum, you can grab in an instant.

  • Mail should be opened as soon as possible if not right away and then taken to its relevant place, or I will put it on my notice board in the kitchen where it is easily seem.

It can be a hard to juggle but I find the weekends to be the days in which I catch up with everything.

Staying organized during the school holidays can be tricky as you do tend to lose the sense of routine for a bit, but it is easy to bring it back once you are back and let them know of the change.

The key to staying organized is to.

  • pre-warn first if you have kids and get everything ready again a day or so in advance.

Be consistent and the more organised you are the more confident and ready you will feel for the days and weeks ahead.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie  X