Saturday, 26 December 2020

Organizing Post Christmas/being productive/have self care and down time

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In this post I am talking about Organizing Post Christmas. I didn't do any decorating this year as I am staying with my mum until I can get a place of my own again. I am due to move but its taking a bit of time. 

However it doesn't mean I have nothing to Organize because I do. There are projects that I have been working on to finish this year, and some I want to create for the new year. 

So what I tend to do is fill in my two planners and go through what I want to accomplish in the day and stop me getting down because Christmas is coming to the end again. I go through everything I have done and needs doing. I also use One Note which is a brilliant computer programme that helps me stay organized and on track. 

When blogging and writing a book can be so scattered that you can lose your way a bit and so I make sure I write lists and schedule in posts and work on my books, as I go, making sure I also have some time outdoors on some days and watch a bit of TV or Youtube. 

Breaking my days up is a great way to still be productive but not get too bogged down with work. 

I like to plan the new year before and after Christmas, and set goals without fail. I like to have things I want to do rather than all items being what I have got to do, as this list can often be one I want to avoid, so I balance it out in a way that I make sure the must do's get done aswell as the wish to do's.

The other thing I like to schedule in time to read a book and write in my journals as it is good to reflect on life and how it is going, and yesterday in ages I did a home workout. 

I had been putting it off but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I would say schedule time for self care as looking after yourself as well as other people, and make that favourite meal that will make you feel you have a had a good structured day and make time to speak to friends still by phone and have a glass of wine or two. 

Organizing Post Christmas is about making the most of the days you have free if you are off from working, and if you have a film you love, put that on too, I am dying to watch one of my favourite Christmas films and I have scheduled it in.

Life doesn't have to be set in stone, but having things that serve a purpose is what I really focus on, and so I am going to get on with the otther posts I plan to write today, whilst singing to some wonderful tunes to my hearts content and when someone moans and tells you to shut take it as a sign to carry on. It's your voice, your time and your life. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

Friday, 18 December 2020

Organizing your kids at Christmas

Hello and welcome to another Organize4thebetter post. I suppose I could add this to my parenting blog I write on 

However I wanted to write this post on here as getting kids organized at Christmas is a key ingredient of keeping them busy and entertained and prevent them from becoming bored, whilst you help with the cooking or chat with family or friends you haven't seen in a long while. 

Christmas should be a time where kids are excited and ready to receive their gifts they have asked for. 

If your children haven't written their Christmas list, then get them to do so. There is still time and actually I thought all the shops would be shut as was told there would be another Lockdown, which there isn't. 

Many shops are still open, and I usually get many of my gifts from Very, but I bought a couple of bits from Boots today, and got my son some bits from very for Christmas and something for my mum and her husband. 

There are some really nice homewares and clothes for kids on there, and don't just check their Christmas collection of products but check out their Clearance section too. 

So to be creative get them to make a poster using coloured paper to create their Christrmas list, and make pillow cases into stockings. My mum did that for us one year and I loved it. 

Have them write their names on their posters and put up on a wall, like in the hallway near the front door or in their rooms. 

When it comes to the day, nominate a child to help you distribute the presents like my Grandad Skinner used to do, and children to help set the table. My Nan Skinner at one time had the children on one table and the adults on another. 

If you are creative then teach the kids how to make funny shapes with reusable napkins which are much more cost effective than disposable napkins. 

Would you believe me if I told you that I spent Christmas with the Queen of England once, as my Nan was working for her at Bolton Gardens? Well yes. Now someone may argue this case, but it is true. 

My Nan was the Caretaker of Bolton Gardens where the Royal Family would visit, especially the Queens Sister Princess Margarette. 

I wish I could remember it, but I don't as I was very young. My Nan and Grandad, lived there after living in First Street, to Holland Park and then yes, Bolton Gardens. 

Create some games for after Dinner that they can play, once they have finished admiring and using many of their Christnas presents. 

The other thing you can do as a family is do secret santa. Have all the names of all the kids in a hat or a bucket and pick out a name of who they have to buy for, but keep it a secret until the big day. 

If you want to give their school teacher a gift then you can do this. Usually the mums who organize  this at my son's school, put together a handmade gift with all the kids names and message to the teachers and collect money donations to give flowers or chocolates to their teachers.

Some schools may have broken up today, and so it will be too late to create Christmas cards for their school friends if they haven't done so already, but they can draw on their cousins or siblings wrapped up presents with a personalised message included. 

The one thing I like to buy is Henry a new Christmas book, and I going to do the same this year and get it from Works who do a great deal on their children's books. Usually 5 for £5 or something like that, and yes I am going to get him a new Christnas book and will continue to do this for all the kids I hope to have in the future.

Anyway this will be the last blog until Post Christmas, which is next Friday. 

Have a wonderful Christmas and will write another blog post on this site as we get near to a new year.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

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Sunday, 13 December 2020

Looking after the People in my Life

Now I am writing this as I have switched off. It's what I do when I am so angry and fed up. This is where I don't want to talk to anyone, or see anyone. I have done this since a kid and it is my way of dealing with things when others are doing anything to hurt me, and fuck my life up.

I am going to move away and be forgotten by those that want to get in my way, and I do go for people and I will continue and I will be following some people to see that I can stick up for myself and I can hurt others just like they think they can. 

There was once a young woman who had six different sisters, and each one had a different personality, one was shy, one was jealous of everyone, one that didn't care, one that was super confident, one that didn't like kids false stop and one that wanted to stop her brothers from hurting her, and was ganged up by the other 5. 

All they thought about was murder and wanted to kill a child they claimed to have given birth to, and the original person who was called M.S, I will call her and did at the age of 6. She claimed that when this child reached a certain age that ended in two, would be starved to death, hanged outside the window to claim they could kill anyonee or anything. 

When I first heard this tale I was absolutely intregued and wanted to know more about these 6 sisters and get to know them.

I want to write a book about this as it is such a good story, even though it is slightly horrifc I would like this to written into a book as I think it will sell very quickly and be a Bestseller. So who ever does write this and invented it, publish it and you will have the life you want and will be one of the best books out there and sell out.

I know who the little girl is but I am not going to say, initials LB. which is a character I created as if I did become famous I would always use these initials to disguise my real name.

I like to Organize the people in my life not to control but help them to not directly but through my blogs as everyone has the right to be a star and not be stopped. 

When I looked at the London Palladium because me and my fellow friend Lee Mack will be on it and make sure I am his bodyguard not mine and if anyone hurts that gentleman I will be having words with them too. 

So to the Loves in my life, thank you and I will love you just like you love me, my darling Lee.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) 

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Organize my life as a Writer

Hello and yes this blog was written last year, when I began to write on these blogs again, and it feels like it wasn't that long ago, but reading it back, my writing strategy as changed, and wanted to update this post. 

Being a professional writer of many things including blogs, I do have to be somewhat organized and I have tried every system there is going, but only one works for me and that is scheduling via Google Calendar, my Notepad APP on my phone and living in a notebook. 

My A4b notebooks are my brain in words and brainstorming charts, as it is how I have found to be my way of planning, even if it is to others scattered.

I do use my blog schedule to help organize tasks and this includes times where I don't do writing, but research and planning out my TV work, and shows I am working on.

When it comes to working for yourself, it is good to have a support that will help still guide you, and I do have a manager and he has been the best gift I could have received for Christmas last year, because he was there when I needed someone the most and we will through the day talk to one another, so I don't fall under the ladder but keep going making sure that I do have intervals of breaks and focus on non writing work, aswell as writing. 

I have written some new EBooks and so if you would like to check these out you can on,, and they are under the name of Carrie Lee Holmes. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie  X 

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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Organizing for another end of year

I am very ready to move to a new year. There are some goodness coming my way again this year, but I am fearful of having another bad end of year, like the last one.

I have written a bit about this in my other two blogs on my sites that I share on Google Blogger and organizing for another end of year is something I like to do, to reflect on it and go through changes I want to make that will lead me into a positive new year, and what I truly want to get rid of.

Building Self Confidence The Ugly Duckling

Thoughts and Advice For the Week

I am going to go through my clothes, my planners and my goals I set this year and next year, which I have done already and I have written about this on my site: Everyone Ca Build A Castle. I don't want my stuff in Epsom anymore where I was living and I want it to be given away apart from my Jewellery as I am ready for a fresh start. I want to live with my new love Lee and meet my other members of my family. 

I would like my books to be on TV and have more books published, and grow my blog sites.

A end of year means to me out of the old and in with the new, and so yes I am going to get be rid of all my stuff in Epsom because I know every time I look at it, it will bring back the memory of the last 5 years, which have not been good and I do have a new wardrobe and outfits to wear, I do have the shoes I love and so to organize for another end of year I am ready to be ruthless and let some things go. 

I have changed a lot by being very cagy, holding up my guard a lot, and weary of people as there are people who I was close to that ganged up on me. 

I do see friends as family, but can see that often the ones that put up a front and then mess you around when they want to meet up, I actually giving you a signal saying "I am only inviting you because you feel left out if we don't". Did I feel like that? Yes at times, because I don't like to exclude people myself if they are a good friend, but truthfully since those times when I have felt like that, it is more I like it when people say they want to meet you somewhere and stick to it, and not change it at last minute, mucking me about.

You know that when people do this, they are doing it, hoping that you give up and go home, and last year when meeting some friends my son took a tumble on the escalators and then we met them as I didn't want Henry to be let down, as soon as we left they took pictures of themselves as if we were never there. Okay so we had one photo together but they made a point of say "Look we had a better time without you".

True friendship means not cheating on them with their spouses, not mucking each other about, not allowing yourself be a shoulder to cry on when they do that for you and talking nastily about you, behind your back. 

So soon it will be Christmas and I have teamed up with Amazon to help them launch their Christmas Goods this year and here is a link to a video I have created, showing off their wonderful Advent Calendars.

I have also chosen my charity for this year that I would like to raise donations for. For the charity Tommy's who support families and raise awareness, who have experienced Stillbirths and Premature Births. Here is the link of my JustGiving page should you want to make a contribution:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X   

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Organising my life to end this year in a bang

I want to the rest of this year to end with a bang, going on the fact at the beginning of this year I was not in a good place, and would like many things to happen.

Never stop organizing your life, as this helps stay on track of what you planned to achieve at the beginning of the year. I always like to write this kind of blog, because if I feel like I am falling off the rails, it gives me a chance to rein myself in, especially if I feel like I am trying to do too much again and recuperate. 

I have come to realise that it isn't about how much you can do at the same time, but focusing on one task at a time. I do organize my life into main three categories, Home, Work and Play. So I can focus sometime on my home, like do laundry, have a tidy up and any other errands, what work I want to get done and have some time listening to music, do a bit of reading or go for a walk outdoors some where.

I don't even consciously do it, I just work it out that way so I do get errands, work and some chill out time, like walking and talking, I just got into the habit of doing these three main things without thinking.

Having good positive habits on a daily basis helps you overall wellbeing, and when it becomes a habit that you don't even have to think about, you know you have organized your life well, and can keep going. 

However even writing is like my down time too, but when you have been writing all day it can make you tired, aswell as reading, and as humans with thrive on variety, rather doing the same thing all the time. Mix up your days too, but keeping to these main categories, and will help you in the long run. 

So I am going to do a bit more work, then do some reading and then have a well earned cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Monday, 31 August 2020

Unless the Queen visits, then don't be worried if for one day you have a messy home

There are times where I can be super productive and other times I am not, and can be miss unorganized, where I have clothes over my chair I sit on when on the computer and bags with stuff in them all over the floor. 

I have sometimes fooled myself that I am like Martha Stewart when I know I am not, however I do believe that if you live in a mess it can stress you out, so I do try to declutter, but I no longer false myself to do it but clear it when I am ready to, and there is nothing else to do. 

When I think of being organized I think of Mary Poppins who in the film she clicks her fingers and everything falls into place and tidied away. If I had that power I would be run down on offers by others to tidy their homes too, but as I wasn't given such a skill I have to make do with being the messy cow I so often am, do my best in the process to be somewhat organised, without pilling on the pressure. 

I will get it done, I know I will but as soon as I feel like "If I don't do it now I am a bad person or it will be the end of the world" like saying "Bullocks to it, and do it tomorrow".

So now I will rein myself in as when I am full of energy I will then give myself 16 things to do and then forget that I am only one person and who am I kidding?

I do like to do lists, but often I won't always make a list on paper but in my head, and as long as it gets done then so be it, and remember that it is not how much I do, but what benefit it gives me. 

If it makes you happy then do it, but never false yourself as you are more likely to put it off and it isn't about multitasking either, it's about given yourself time to breath and take in what you see, and if you aren't happy with your home then change it, but don't feel like, as I have done, done it because of someone has done it. Materialistic items isn't always going to make us happy, but making a space our in is, because it is your space and how you like it that matters. 

I think especially with social media seeing pictures of people with the perfect home that we now have to have the same, and adds pressure to ourselves. Never compare and unless the Queen visits, then don't be worried if for one day you have a messy home, because life is about living not tidying.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Friday, 21 August 2020

Organizing my weekends


As I have most weekends to myself I make sure I make the most of them. 

I try to incorporate my work, any training I feel I need to do to help me with my work, plan for the week ahead using google calendar as I now have two I work from, my personal calendar so I put in my workout time, if I need to pick up Henry in the week and personal tasks. I even use this to set certain reminders like, wash hair, shave legs etc. Then I have my other one where I put in when I will be working, by block scheduling a time frame of when I want to do my work through the days and the week. 

I usually plan week to week, rather than planning my weeks well in advance as being a mum and having such a hectic lifestyle sometimes, I find things get changed and other things crop up, so I plan my weeks and weekends as they come. 

I am going to try a new APP that I discovered by watching MuchelleB and it is called Notion see her video in this linked below: 

How I Organise and Plan my Life (Using Notion)

Once I have used it I will post my own view on what it is like to use, as I do like to try different ways to see if it suits me okay. 

I make sure I give myself time to chill and relax, as sometimes I often have to catch myself, as I do find I rush a lot when I am not realising it, and blow myself out. 

Fitting in time to clean and tidy my room I find helps me reset for the week ahead and catching up on tasks I am unable to do when Henry isn't with me, as he takes up a lot of my time, like he should. 

Soon we will be back to school and I have already started to plan for that, by getting uniform ready, seeing if I can get Henry into any of the afterschool clubs this year and look for a new school for Year 3, as it has be recommended, because Henry needs 1 to 1 support, for him to go to a smaller size school.

If you didn't know my son has ADHD and so needs help with concentration. 

Anyhow, I am going to get on as I have a few more posts to write and a new book I am writing, WATCH THIS SPACE, and so I wish you a happy Friday and please check out for more blogs at the weekend. 

All my posts can be found on my Blog Network,  

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Friday, 14 August 2020

Toiletries, Hacks and good cleaning products

Png Royalty Free House Cleaning For The - Cleaning Lady Clipart ...

Hello and welcome to another Organization blog. In this weeks post I am talking about toiletries, some hacks and good cleaning products I'd recommend. 

So talking toiletries, I have changed my storage for my toiletries I am currently using, and I have rucksack full of items in my wardrobe as I do like to stock up on some items, like body sprays, scrubs, roll ons, sanitary items and shower gels.

The current products I am using is stored in a cool bag I bought from TK Maxx as I was trying out a hack that I thought of, because at the moment in the UK we have a massive heatwave, so I thought I would put all my toiletries into my cool bag with a freezing block to see if that would help keep them nice and chilled, but it didn't work. 

So I am going to do some research and see what else I can do. I could put them in a fridge but the two fridges we have where I live is full of food, as I share them with the rest of my family, as I am now living with my mum and step dad. 

Continuing on about hacks as I am real lover of them, I watched this video by Emily Norris who was trying out some hacks she saw on TikTok to see if they worked.  

Please check out the link below to watch this video:

To keep a room clean I would say to invest in a good polish, Micro cloths, a eraser sponge (they are magic), antibacterial spray and I know some say they are bad for the environment but I love them because its just helps with a quick clean, and that is antibacterial wipes. 

I don't think the Cordless vacuums are that great because the one I used to use when I lived in Epsom would cut out after 5 minutes and steam cleaners I have found don't last long either. 

The mop which you can attach a bottle of Flash floor cleaning spray is good, but I find that they can pick up some of the dirt on a floor but not all. I think the old fashioned way a sponge mop and bucket is still a winner my opinion. 

You can also use natural items to clean your home, example cut a lemon in half and dab it into some salt and rub it all over your sink and sink top and really helps to get rid of limescale, and you just rinse it off and wipe over and can make sink areas nice and shiny clean. 

Also you can use a toothbrush to clean your tiles. When I worked as a Housekeeper for a hotel, we would use a toothbrush to clean the soap dispensers in the rooms, and another hack use a pillow case to wipe mirrors and glass. 

So it is almost the weekend and this weekend we have new beds arriving bunk beds for me and my son Henry to sleep in. This will mean some changes but I am not going to worry too much now and think about having another free weekend to do what I like. 

If you have any hacks and cleaning items you'd like to recommend to me then please do so. All comments can be left below. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Friday, 7 August 2020

Organize your to do's lists

I have many ways in which I write down all my To do's and they rarely stay the same, it is what is accessible at the time. 

One way I do it is I will type up a word document or make a template and then upload to google docs so then I can access it on my phone when I am out, and can view it anywhere, or I will use my to do list APP which you can download and install from Play Store, and there are quite a few out there, or I will use a template from excel. 

If you find that you start to think about tasks you need to do as you put your head down on your pillow to go to sleep, then do a brain dump before bed time and then organize the list in the morning and go through how long you think each task will take and how important each task is. 

I am often guilty of putting the things I know I need to do, but don't want to do at the bottom of the list, but from my experience this only causes more anxiety so I try to get these tasks done first and then go onto others afterwards.

I do have a planner but I tend to jot the weekly things that always get done or if I am going somewhere or having a meeting with someone. 

I organize my blog writing and my books into my bullet journal I created using a notebook, and my finances into my financial planner. 

From my own experience keeping my finances separate helps me to stay on track better with bills I have to pay and what needs to be paid, how much I have spent and money left, and I don't lose sight of these things. 

A to do list is a type of plan of action and the key thing when doing them is to break them down. One way is to circle items that need to be done first and making these into an A list, then B list and then C. 

It's not about how much you do, it is what you do that counts and how it makes you feel once they are done. 

So less tick of our to do's and then at night make time for quiet time and for yourself. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Friday, 31 July 2020

Organization Youtube Channels I love to watch

Kawaii People, animated girl using computer watching YouTube art ...

Hello and welcome to another Organize for the better blog. This week I have been in some of my blogs recommending some good Youtube channels I love to watch for inspiration and growth and on parenting. 

Please check out these two blog posts below for recommendation aswell as the ones detailed below:

So to follow on this theme thought I would share some Youtube channels I like to watch for Organization tips and inspiration. 

I will say now some may be the same as written in posts above but there will be different ones too.

To kick start my this blogpost, the one person I haven't mentioned is,

1. Rachelleea

I could have actually added this lady to my recommendations for inspiration and growth, but she has been doing a lot of content recently of how she is organising her home and her life, and how she on some days can't be bothered, which we can all relate to, but at the same time still tries to be as productive as she can, and that does mean taking time out for doing more relaxing things aswell as chores and to do lists. 

2. Emily Norris 

I have actually included this lady in my parenting blog of videos channels I recommend, but she does do a lot of hacks, clean with me and routine videos too and getting things done, and so does include organization. 

You need to be organized as a parent otherwise you and your child/children can end up going insane. 

I find her content to be so fulfilling to watch and is so motivating to see her tidying and cleaning up her home.

3. How to get your shit together

This is a new channel I have started to watch and she really has some great tips on decluttering your home and as in the title "How to get your shit together" and she does just that in her videos. 

4. MuchelleB 

I adore this lady as she really is great at lifting your spirits with her content on how to get your life together and be organized by setting good habits each day and resetting your life to begin a week feeling fresh as possible. 

I have also included this lady in my blog posts linked above for inspiration and growth.

5. Do it on a dime 

This lady posts a lot of videos on organization and DIY projects and yes I have also included her in my posts linked above, because I find this lady's content brilliant to watch and be inspired. 

I have watched this channel since I first began watching Youtube because she has so many amazing ideas or making items for your home which is less than a dollar, but look expensive at the same time.

6. Kerry Whelpdale 

This lady posts a lot of meal idea videos. Now you may think that this has nothing to do with organization, but it is, because you do have to be somewhat organized when it comes meal planning and buying food to make meals for your family so all food gets used and doesn't got to waste, and she gives tips in her videos of how to do this, and what great meals you can make on a budget for your family. 

7. The Sunday Stylist 

This channel has a lot of content showing how she organizes her home including great tips and advice to keeping your home organized. She also has tips on good products to use when cleaning and organizing your home too, and how to minimise the amount of items you have in your home. 

8. Jordan Paige 

I cannot stop recommending this lady's videos because they are fantastic. She shows how she organizes her work, family life and money, giving some great hacks along the way, and I love a good hack. 

9. HappilyAHousewife 

This lady does content on how she organizes her planners and I love a planner video plus how she organizes her life being a housewife and a mum. 

10. Kate Murnane 

I have watched Kate's videos since day one of having Youtube in my life, she is a mum of two boys and does clean with me videos, hack videos and day in a life videos aswell as hauls and try ons of fashion items she buys and other items that she purchases for her boys, her husband and home. 

When it comes to Youtube I do limit the amount of time I spend watching videos as I do find that I can get lost in Youtube rather than getting my own life together but use it for inspiration and ideas for my own content, and to help me be productive in my life aswell. 

I of course never copy but research for good ideas and to help promote Youtube in a good and positive way. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Organizing for the summer holidays

Happy woman carrying shopping bags | Free Vector

Hello and welcome. So it is now the summer holidays if you haven't guest and so that means planning different activities through the days and weeks ahead.

I did create a plan of what we would do but that was changed instantly so scraped it so focused on planning for each day and week as they come.

The one tip I would give is, have a bag prepared with snacks that don't have to be stored in the fridge, items in case it rains or we have heatwave, so suncream, a hat for me and my son, bottles of water or cartons of drink, raincoat or jacket, change of clothing for my son mainly in case his clothes get wet if we take him to the beach.

I would always say check the weather before hand and have indoor activities to hand just in case the weather is too miserable to go outside, and remember if it does rain but you still want to walk through a park or be near a beach then pack wellies.

I tend to use my Bumbag from Boots, my cool bag from TK Maxx and rucksack from Sports Direct.

Please remember if you going to shops, adventure parks or museums to wear a mask or take one with you just in case.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 17 July 2020

How I organize my workspace

At the moment I am living in a room, and wanted to show how I organize my Workspace. 

So the notepads and planners I am using at the moment are my two bullet journals and my to do planner, and my A4 notepad, where I jot down notes and ideas of books and blogs to publish.

I have written a blogpost on one of my WordPress sites about the different journals I use, so if you would like to read this then here it is, in the link below:

Then I have a grey storage container bought from Lakelands and this holds my various stickers and sticky notes.

I have also done a bit of recycling and used a Super Noodles pot which I washed and cleaned out, as a pen holder. All my pens come from The Works and Wilkos.

I also keep my gratitude journal and another planner notepad.

I love recycling items to use as organisers and you can even use big yogurt pots to store your stationery items in aswell.

I great hack is if you have an unused toiletry bag then why not use this as a stationary hold, for your pens, scissors, erasers, etc.

To me a work space has to be functional and all the items I use daily to be there in front of me, so I can grab it and use it,without searching everywhere for items I need, to do my work.

I clean and tidy my workspace every Saturday as it can get rather dusty and helps keep me motivated to use my workspace.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 10 July 2020

Organizing a 6 year old child

Hello and welcome to a new organization blog. In this week's post I am talking about organizing a 6 year old boy.

Now if you didn't know I write two parenting blogs where I share my experience of being a parent, sharing Henry's life so far and the many challenges and hurdles that come with parenting.

If you would like to check these sites out then click on these links below:

When they are at an age like 6 they are now old enough to be a lot more independent so I will have Henry do tasks like taking off his shoes and putting them in a cupboard in the living room where we keep his shoes, with his socks inside the shoes ready for the next day.

I will have him undress and dress himself daily giving him some support if he needs it, as he does this.

He will now without supervision brush his teeth, and I have created a daily checklist for him to follow of things he needs to do in the morning, afternoon and evening, please see picture of this below:

I am still putting this together so he hasn't used it yet but will do more for him during the summer holidays ready for when he starts school back in September.

Once he has done the tasks each day he will then pick a heart from his reward bucket and on these will be a variety of rewards.

Organizing and making tasks fun is a great way for you to stay organized and them too.

In my last parenting blog I wrote this week I shared how to make Everyday things fun for your kids, because I find that they will do more instead of less and they will look forward to doing it again.

Have them clean their breakfast items whilst you get yourself ready if they don't need that much supervision now, and teach them how to make their own packed lunch. Henry loved it when I taught him how to make his own sandwich and wanted to continue on, plus because he has made it, he will eat the lot including the crusts.

Being organized is a must as a parent, because of how much there is to remember and so I always make sure I read the school newsletter every Friday to check dates and events coming up, any other letters and emails come from the school and check the Whatsapp group set up for parents who kids are in the same class on any events coming up.

To jot down things happening at school and keep note of any special days at Henry's school and holiday details I will use Google Calendar as you can update and carry this wherever I go, google docs where I have written step by step of what I need to on different days, and my personal planner.

Without these I would be well and truly lost.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 3 July 2020

Living in a room and how it is organized

Hi and welcome to another organization blog. At the moment due to Covid 19 and because I have now split from my husband, I am more or less living in a room.

It can easily get quite cluttered but with simple and cheap storage ideas it can be organized and maintained before it needs tidying again.

Here below is a image of a storage basket I got from TK Maxx and a really good price of £1.80, and have used this to store my toiletries, multivitamins and hair care products.

I have a small sized closet, so there are some clothes in there and at the moment my bags, which I am also using as storage. These are at the foot of my bed, until I can put together a better organized storage system.

I also have some clothes inside the storage basket you see some clothing on top of the black basket storage unit. Well I have tidied this up now. See image below:

and the white unit is where I am using for storing my spare bra and underwear.

It is amazing how you can still even with a small room, how you can still make space so there is no clutter.

There is more I want to use, for example bring over some of my storage boxes from where I lived in Epsom that I can store under my bed for items I have, to help create more space, and I will keep you posted of the upkeep of my room I am currently living in.

Anyway stay safe and many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 26 June 2020

Living in utter chaos

How I got Through My Bad Day: A Chain Analysis | Funny quotes ...

So this blog is all about being organized but I am going to tell the truth. Some days I can be very disorganized and like today well more this morning, my son was supposed to be in his P.E kit but part of it was in his rucksack which was at school.

Thankfully we did have some alternative shorts that he could get away with as they were navy blue but just about fit him.

That's why I would always say have a back up plan just in case. Being a qualified football coach and parent who has learned the hard way since becoming one, I soon learnt that having a plan B could come in handy, as you just never know what would happen on some days.

Please check out my weekly newsletter blog in the link below, as today was not a good day.

I felt I needed to share my day as I am sure there are parents or even those without kids can  identify with the day, and glad that today is nearly over.

I just hope tomorrow it is better, but what happens when living in utter chaos as trust me with kids especially, you are bound to have those days, honestly it comes with territory well it does for me anyway, and I am not afraid to say so either, you just have to crack on and do the best you can under the circumstances.

There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to tidy up all the time, but when you do get some free time then I know it will be tidied eventually. Some days you just have to give in and make do.

Life is full of ups and downs, taking the rough with the smooth, but in the end the important thing no one got hurt in the chaos and can make up for lost hours on other days.

Could the day get any worse? 

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Well it almost did as my bastard computer interrupted and decided to shut itself down, many thanks computer you almost pile of shite.

What would we do without modern technically christ knows but sometimes I want to punch it black and blue, but knowing my luck it will more than likely punch me back if it grew a fist.

Anyway as I try to crack on my hayfever seems to be on full force now, will try and make up for lost time and have a good night's sleep, I hope and be ready for a new day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Monday, 22 June 2020

Organizing my time

Hello and welcome it is Monday again, which means it will soon be school pick up again.
Thankfully Henry's dad takes him to school on Mondays, and then we, my mum and I pick him at the end. 

At the moment he is only doing half days, and so it means that I have to get my skates on do some work, as much as I can before I have to pick him up.

Not saying that I am not looking forward to it, I am its just the time from when Henry is taken to school to when we pick him up goes so quickly.

Organizing my time is a must and so the first thing I will do is have breakfast, and work whilst I am having it on some days, I slept in until 10am this morning which is very unlike me, I will often wake up anytime before 7am and then be awake for the rest of the day.

The next thing I will have my shower and get dressed for the day.

Even in the afternoon and evenings I will organize my time, by looking after Henry, have dinner and then get him ready for bed and then myself, and often means doing some work in the evenings.

I do enjoy my television time as it is my time to switch off from writing and doing something else.

Me and Henry will often play countdown, which he does have a game for with the actual cards and board to put the cards on, but this rarely gets used and he will use his Thomas the Tank Engine cards instead, mmmm.... I know confusion right? But that's kids for you.

So it is essential that I organize my time and make the most of each hour of the day. How do you organize your time? Please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Life Work Balance

Hello and welcome to another blog about organization. In this post I am writing about Life Work Balance, because it can be tricky especially when becoming a parent, we are often pealing our face off the floor with tiredness and frustration that we can feel weighed down. 

When you first begin working you can have the honeymoon period where you are getting up on time, embrace the travelling and then socializing with colleagues afterwards, then four week later you feel utterly drained and needing a well earned break.

My tip 1 is don't weigh yourself down, and stop working through your breaks. They have been set for a reason, and that is to stop to recharge your batteries. I used to not take my breaks and that's when I would begin to make mistakes because my concentration would go.

You have to refill and gain some more energy.

When having a child we can get lost within the parenthood life that we can feel like death and that getting out of bed is more trouble than what it is worth, and so if you and I will keep adding this to my blogs, need to delegate some duties to someone who has offered to help even if it is making you a cup of tea, take them up on it.

Be flexible with your daily schedule as sometimes the unexpected can happen especially with kids. For example you are out having some play time with your children and they end up having a pooh explosion, never panic as it has happened to many including myself, just remember spare clothes, wipes and nappy at all times, then if this happens you have some back up.

Once you can have a balance then you'll find that things just fit into place and that the routine you have found works and you are not getting so bogged down.

I make sure I have days like I wrote about yesterday on one of my other blog sites:

It just nice to do something other than what you have scheduled and made some time to catch up on TV, very therapeutic.

So lets stay safe and I will be back with another organization blog next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Sunday, 31 May 2020

How I organize my blogs

Hello and welcome to another blogpost.

Since the lockdown and living with my mum I have been more focused on creating blogs and books.

So to keep these organised I use my excel spreadsheet to organise what I want to achieve each day, check out my blog called Take Control of your life, where I have added in this document for downloading and printing off.

I also use these stationary pads to help keep tabs on my writing.

I would always recommend to organise your writing to keep tabs on what you have written and can spend a day or 10-15 minutes to edit what you have written.

I don't concentrate on how many words I have written as much as I see it that quality is better than quantity, but with writing you find your own system that works for you anyway.

There are blogs where I do tend to write everyday and others than I post 2-3 times a week on.

Here are links to all my sites below:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Dealing with paperwork

Before I begin this blog I just want to ask how many of you get bombarded with paperwork?

I don't know why, but even though I have opted to go paper free, I still get bogged down with paper. 

So what I have done is put it all into a divided file system or I put it into a box folder. 

I will then start sorting it out into category, Finance, health and wellbeing, coupons, to be shredded or household, etc

Then I will sort it out again, separating different statements and companies.

I was at one point scanning them all and saving them all on my computer but doing it that way, means the memory gets used up.

I keep those that are 5 years old, any earlier than that gets disposed of and shredded. 

All things like old bank statements, council tax bills etc should be shredded because of identity fraud. 

I would invest in a filing cabinet system, because it is important to keep all paper work together filed should need to go through it. 

So I hope you have found this blog to be useful and I will blog again next week.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X 

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Organizing your life

It is so important as writer, football coach and mum to be organized, as you can become overwhelmed and have unfinished jobs. 

I live by planning and scheduling it is how I keep going.

The easiest way to organizing your life is by doing a Block Schedule, check out this video by Jordan Paige who talks in details about creating a block schedule:

Then the other schedule I go by is my weekly schedule where I jot down what time I will start my writing, housework, lunch etc, example I start work from about 5am, and so I will write down "Blog writing from 05:00 to 05:30" and schedule other bits in as I go through the day that I didn't write down or the day before.

I would encourage everyone to brain storm or brain dump at the end of the day or in the morning, and then break the tasks up into groups.

There are some really good templates on Excel and Microsoft Word that you can use or use these as a guide to design your own.

When it comes to organizing your life to also do an Action Plan of what tasks really need doing.

Prioritize, the best way to do that if you do brain storm or brain dump, circle the tasks that need to be done first and then have them separated into A, B and C.
A being top priority, B Not so important and C Not important.

What you don't get done, rewrite a new list for the next day.

So lets get organized and use the Lockdown as an excuse to get bits done that would necessarily be put on hold.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Monday, 23 March 2020

Getting kids to tidy up

Hi All are you stuck indoors today? I am as I am part of the vulnerable group and so is my son, so we are at home today having some quality time spending time doing bits and bobs.

Today my son on his own accord began to tidy up and inspired to write this post see in link below:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Organizing your home

I got to say with this everything going on, it is no wonder our homes are bedlam at the moment, especially if you do have a sick friend or family member at home at the moment, so what do you do in such cases,

1. If someone offers to help out then let them, but remember to follow hygiene rules at all times to protect yourself and them
2. Do a space at a time and set a timer on each task, going round with antibacterial products
3. Do a brain dump the night before or during the day of tasks that need to be done, then break them up
4. Create a block schedule which I have on my google docs
5. Create a organizing playlist on Youtube to play whilst you organize
6. Don't just organize a draw but clean up your computer aswell.
7. Organize wires and refer to Youtube for Hacks as there are loads
8. Tidy your fridge, freezer and food cupboards, as no time like the present
9. Re stock on items and stock pile now if you can
10. Have emergency supplies I always do now, of tin food as they always come in handy

So what tips do you have? Please comment below and I will write more soon.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Saturday, 29 February 2020

Organizing my Life

Getting to grips with everything can be tricky so organizing my life is a must especially being a parent.

  • The one strategy I follow is have everything ready the night before and wash my sons school uniform during the week and at the end of the week, to get ahead for Monday.

This is the same when going some where for the day and it is good to have items of clothing being a mum, you can grab in an instant.

  • Mail should be opened as soon as possible if not right away and then taken to its relevant place, or I will put it on my notice board in the kitchen where it is easily seem.

It can be a hard to juggle but I find the weekends to be the days in which I catch up with everything.

Staying organized during the school holidays can be tricky as you do tend to lose the sense of routine for a bit, but it is easy to bring it back once you are back and let them know of the change.

The key to staying organized is to.

  • pre-warn first if you have kids and get everything ready again a day or so in advance.

Be consistent and the more organised you are the more confident and ready you will feel for the days and weeks ahead.

So how do you organize your life, please comment below. You can keep up to date with all my posts at:

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie  X