Monday, 31 August 2020

Unless the Queen visits, then don't be worried if for one day you have a messy home

There are times where I can be super productive and other times I am not, and can be miss unorganized, where I have clothes over my chair I sit on when on the computer and bags with stuff in them all over the floor. 

I have sometimes fooled myself that I am like Martha Stewart when I know I am not, however I do believe that if you live in a mess it can stress you out, so I do try to declutter, but I no longer false myself to do it but clear it when I am ready to, and there is nothing else to do. 

When I think of being organized I think of Mary Poppins who in the film she clicks her fingers and everything falls into place and tidied away. If I had that power I would be run down on offers by others to tidy their homes too, but as I wasn't given such a skill I have to make do with being the messy cow I so often am, do my best in the process to be somewhat organised, without pilling on the pressure. 

I will get it done, I know I will but as soon as I feel like "If I don't do it now I am a bad person or it will be the end of the world" like saying "Bullocks to it, and do it tomorrow".

So now I will rein myself in as when I am full of energy I will then give myself 16 things to do and then forget that I am only one person and who am I kidding?

I do like to do lists, but often I won't always make a list on paper but in my head, and as long as it gets done then so be it, and remember that it is not how much I do, but what benefit it gives me. 

If it makes you happy then do it, but never false yourself as you are more likely to put it off and it isn't about multitasking either, it's about given yourself time to breath and take in what you see, and if you aren't happy with your home then change it, but don't feel like, as I have done, done it because of someone has done it. Materialistic items isn't always going to make us happy, but making a space our in is, because it is your space and how you like it that matters. 

I think especially with social media seeing pictures of people with the perfect home that we now have to have the same, and adds pressure to ourselves. Never compare and unless the Queen visits, then don't be worried if for one day you have a messy home, because life is about living not tidying.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Friday, 21 August 2020

Organizing my weekends


As I have most weekends to myself I make sure I make the most of them. 

I try to incorporate my work, any training I feel I need to do to help me with my work, plan for the week ahead using google calendar as I now have two I work from, my personal calendar so I put in my workout time, if I need to pick up Henry in the week and personal tasks. I even use this to set certain reminders like, wash hair, shave legs etc. Then I have my other one where I put in when I will be working, by block scheduling a time frame of when I want to do my work through the days and the week. 

I usually plan week to week, rather than planning my weeks well in advance as being a mum and having such a hectic lifestyle sometimes, I find things get changed and other things crop up, so I plan my weeks and weekends as they come. 

I am going to try a new APP that I discovered by watching MuchelleB and it is called Notion see her video in this linked below: 

How I Organise and Plan my Life (Using Notion)

Once I have used it I will post my own view on what it is like to use, as I do like to try different ways to see if it suits me okay. 

I make sure I give myself time to chill and relax, as sometimes I often have to catch myself, as I do find I rush a lot when I am not realising it, and blow myself out. 

Fitting in time to clean and tidy my room I find helps me reset for the week ahead and catching up on tasks I am unable to do when Henry isn't with me, as he takes up a lot of my time, like he should. 

Soon we will be back to school and I have already started to plan for that, by getting uniform ready, seeing if I can get Henry into any of the afterschool clubs this year and look for a new school for Year 3, as it has be recommended, because Henry needs 1 to 1 support, for him to go to a smaller size school.

If you didn't know my son has ADHD and so needs help with concentration. 

Anyhow, I am going to get on as I have a few more posts to write and a new book I am writing, WATCH THIS SPACE, and so I wish you a happy Friday and please check out for more blogs at the weekend. 

All my posts can be found on my Blog Network,  

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X

Friday, 14 August 2020

Toiletries, Hacks and good cleaning products

Png Royalty Free House Cleaning For The - Cleaning Lady Clipart ...

Hello and welcome to another Organization blog. In this weeks post I am talking about toiletries, some hacks and good cleaning products I'd recommend. 

So talking toiletries, I have changed my storage for my toiletries I am currently using, and I have rucksack full of items in my wardrobe as I do like to stock up on some items, like body sprays, scrubs, roll ons, sanitary items and shower gels.

The current products I am using is stored in a cool bag I bought from TK Maxx as I was trying out a hack that I thought of, because at the moment in the UK we have a massive heatwave, so I thought I would put all my toiletries into my cool bag with a freezing block to see if that would help keep them nice and chilled, but it didn't work. 

So I am going to do some research and see what else I can do. I could put them in a fridge but the two fridges we have where I live is full of food, as I share them with the rest of my family, as I am now living with my mum and step dad. 

Continuing on about hacks as I am real lover of them, I watched this video by Emily Norris who was trying out some hacks she saw on TikTok to see if they worked.  

Please check out the link below to watch this video:

To keep a room clean I would say to invest in a good polish, Micro cloths, a eraser sponge (they are magic), antibacterial spray and I know some say they are bad for the environment but I love them because its just helps with a quick clean, and that is antibacterial wipes. 

I don't think the Cordless vacuums are that great because the one I used to use when I lived in Epsom would cut out after 5 minutes and steam cleaners I have found don't last long either. 

The mop which you can attach a bottle of Flash floor cleaning spray is good, but I find that they can pick up some of the dirt on a floor but not all. I think the old fashioned way a sponge mop and bucket is still a winner my opinion. 

You can also use natural items to clean your home, example cut a lemon in half and dab it into some salt and rub it all over your sink and sink top and really helps to get rid of limescale, and you just rinse it off and wipe over and can make sink areas nice and shiny clean. 

Also you can use a toothbrush to clean your tiles. When I worked as a Housekeeper for a hotel, we would use a toothbrush to clean the soap dispensers in the rooms, and another hack use a pillow case to wipe mirrors and glass. 

So it is almost the weekend and this weekend we have new beds arriving bunk beds for me and my son Henry to sleep in. This will mean some changes but I am not going to worry too much now and think about having another free weekend to do what I like. 

If you have any hacks and cleaning items you'd like to recommend to me then please do so. All comments can be left below. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Friday, 7 August 2020

Organize your to do's lists

I have many ways in which I write down all my To do's and they rarely stay the same, it is what is accessible at the time. 

One way I do it is I will type up a word document or make a template and then upload to google docs so then I can access it on my phone when I am out, and can view it anywhere, or I will use my to do list APP which you can download and install from Play Store, and there are quite a few out there, or I will use a template from excel. 

If you find that you start to think about tasks you need to do as you put your head down on your pillow to go to sleep, then do a brain dump before bed time and then organize the list in the morning and go through how long you think each task will take and how important each task is. 

I am often guilty of putting the things I know I need to do, but don't want to do at the bottom of the list, but from my experience this only causes more anxiety so I try to get these tasks done first and then go onto others afterwards.

I do have a planner but I tend to jot the weekly things that always get done or if I am going somewhere or having a meeting with someone. 

I organize my blog writing and my books into my bullet journal I created using a notebook, and my finances into my financial planner. 

From my own experience keeping my finances separate helps me to stay on track better with bills I have to pay and what needs to be paid, how much I have spent and money left, and I don't lose sight of these things. 

A to do list is a type of plan of action and the key thing when doing them is to break them down. One way is to circle items that need to be done first and making these into an A list, then B list and then C. 

It's not about how much you do, it is what you do that counts and how it makes you feel once they are done. 

So less tick of our to do's and then at night make time for quiet time and for yourself. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X