Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Hot Moving Tips

I am currently in the process of moving to a new property, which I have already discussed on my blog page, and thought I would share my hot tips to help those out there who may also be on the move but have no idea where to start.

1. Choosing a place to start.

So where should you start?

All items that you don't need or wish to dispose of, once you've sorted out these items then you can go ahead and separate the item you wish to keep.

2. The items you wish to keep.

Once I decided what I wanted to keep and take with me to the new place, I began with my toiletries and went through my toiletries that I had spare of, but I didn't need to use right away and packed these items and kept out the items I am currently using and will use up or pack at the very end of moving.

I then went through my paper work, my receipts, bank statements, payslips, etc and kept all the items that were dated from Jan 2012 onwards.

Paid any last minutes bills and cancelled the items I will no longer need. When cancelling household or home insurance policies for example do ring them and explain to them that you are moving and what you need to do to cancel, as some do ask for a certain amount of notice (usually a month).

I then went through my clothes and as I am expecting my first baby I know that there will be some clothes I not able to wear at the moment or through my pregnancy as my tummy expands, and so packed these clothes next, along with out of season clothes, so if moving in the summer like me you can pack away the winter clothes and visa versa if moving during winter time.

To pack my clothes my husband and I have used holdalls and fabric storage containers. Try to clean all your clothes before you move, so won't need to be done once unpacked, keep separate from other items so they don't pick up dust.

3. Packing equipment, I have used,

- Large well packed bags and holdalls.
- Bubble wrap.
- Brown parcel paper.
- Storage boxes.
- Plastic bags.
- Cardboard Boxes.
- Duck tape and cellotape.

Anything that can easily brake such as cups, plates, bowls and glassed items make sure they are wrapped in bubble wrap or in a plastic bag and you put on outside of box contents are fragile. Use screwed up newspaper or scraps of material to pad out the boxes with these items, stops them from being bashed about inside box.

Label each box, bag and container so you know when it comes to taking them to your new place it will make unpacking a lot easier.

4. Cleaning.

Clean as you go, so any shelves, furniture or floor space that is clear clean these at the time of clearing and packing away these items, then it will save you a lot of time on you last day of moving.

5. Buying new items for new home.

It is very easy to get over excited and buy loads of new items for your new home, but keeping it to a minimum will save you carrying anything you don't need to, we have some new items from products I won from my last job, a little candle set and small storage basket to go into new home, but nothing else, as we would only have to cart it to the new place, and so it is best to buy other new items once you have the keys and can start putting items into the new home.

Also it is best to measure the rooms first and see how much space you have before buying any new furniture.

6. Electrical items.

Try and pack these together safely wrapped, and you can use plastic bags like I have and tie this securely up them up and put into a storage bin and label so whoever moves the box they know that there is electrical items in the box as it could be heavy and they will need to take extra care.

7. Only move what you physically can.

Anything too heavy or you are pregnant like me it is best not to touch any boxes or bags that are heavier than you can physically can lift or should be lifting. Leave it to those who can physically move these items or if using a storage firm, let them do it as these people are trained to carry heavy items.

8. Books.

I have used two of the large recycle everlasting shopping bags for these and great as we can clearly see that their are books in these and keeps these altogether.

9. Home Office.

Pack all your folders together, stationary items, notepads and paper together.
Put together all your study books and folders, and crafting items.

10. Baby items.

I haven't bought anything for my new expected baby as of yet, as I am going to wait until we move as I am 17 weeks and will be 18-19 weeks once we move so will start getting items ready for the baby then, but if you have already bought some baby items then keep all these together in a sterile container. Keep all new unpacked baby products in their boxes, until it is time to get them ready to use them as they can change colour and become non sterile if not done so or stored correctly. Always read the storage instructions for these items.

 11. Jewellery.

I packed all small loose jewellery in small cellophane bags, in my two jewellery boxes and a purse. This will make sure that these items don't get lost during moving and keeps it altogether.

12. Clean new home and items as you unpack.

Once you have moved into your new home, and start to unpack clean items as they are unpacked.

If you moving to a new home, then I wish you the very best in your new place and I hope you do find these tips useful. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X