Friday, 31 July 2020

Organization Youtube Channels I love to watch

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Hello and welcome to another Organize for the better blog. This week I have been in some of my blogs recommending some good Youtube channels I love to watch for inspiration and growth and on parenting. 

Please check out these two blog posts below for recommendation aswell as the ones detailed below:

So to follow on this theme thought I would share some Youtube channels I like to watch for Organization tips and inspiration. 

I will say now some may be the same as written in posts above but there will be different ones too.

To kick start my this blogpost, the one person I haven't mentioned is,

1. Rachelleea

I could have actually added this lady to my recommendations for inspiration and growth, but she has been doing a lot of content recently of how she is organising her home and her life, and how she on some days can't be bothered, which we can all relate to, but at the same time still tries to be as productive as she can, and that does mean taking time out for doing more relaxing things aswell as chores and to do lists. 

2. Emily Norris 

I have actually included this lady in my parenting blog of videos channels I recommend, but she does do a lot of hacks, clean with me and routine videos too and getting things done, and so does include organization. 

You need to be organized as a parent otherwise you and your child/children can end up going insane. 

I find her content to be so fulfilling to watch and is so motivating to see her tidying and cleaning up her home.

3. How to get your shit together

This is a new channel I have started to watch and she really has some great tips on decluttering your home and as in the title "How to get your shit together" and she does just that in her videos. 

4. MuchelleB 

I adore this lady as she really is great at lifting your spirits with her content on how to get your life together and be organized by setting good habits each day and resetting your life to begin a week feeling fresh as possible. 

I have also included this lady in my blog posts linked above for inspiration and growth.

5. Do it on a dime 

This lady posts a lot of videos on organization and DIY projects and yes I have also included her in my posts linked above, because I find this lady's content brilliant to watch and be inspired. 

I have watched this channel since I first began watching Youtube because she has so many amazing ideas or making items for your home which is less than a dollar, but look expensive at the same time.

6. Kerry Whelpdale 

This lady posts a lot of meal idea videos. Now you may think that this has nothing to do with organization, but it is, because you do have to be somewhat organized when it comes meal planning and buying food to make meals for your family so all food gets used and doesn't got to waste, and she gives tips in her videos of how to do this, and what great meals you can make on a budget for your family. 

7. The Sunday Stylist 

This channel has a lot of content showing how she organizes her home including great tips and advice to keeping your home organized. She also has tips on good products to use when cleaning and organizing your home too, and how to minimise the amount of items you have in your home. 

8. Jordan Paige 

I cannot stop recommending this lady's videos because they are fantastic. She shows how she organizes her work, family life and money, giving some great hacks along the way, and I love a good hack. 

9. HappilyAHousewife 

This lady does content on how she organizes her planners and I love a planner video plus how she organizes her life being a housewife and a mum. 

10. Kate Murnane 

I have watched Kate's videos since day one of having Youtube in my life, she is a mum of two boys and does clean with me videos, hack videos and day in a life videos aswell as hauls and try ons of fashion items she buys and other items that she purchases for her boys, her husband and home. 

When it comes to Youtube I do limit the amount of time I spend watching videos as I do find that I can get lost in Youtube rather than getting my own life together but use it for inspiration and ideas for my own content, and to help me be productive in my life aswell. 

I of course never copy but research for good ideas and to help promote Youtube in a good and positive way. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Organizing for the summer holidays

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Hello and welcome. So it is now the summer holidays if you haven't guest and so that means planning different activities through the days and weeks ahead.

I did create a plan of what we would do but that was changed instantly so scraped it so focused on planning for each day and week as they come.

The one tip I would give is, have a bag prepared with snacks that don't have to be stored in the fridge, items in case it rains or we have heatwave, so suncream, a hat for me and my son, bottles of water or cartons of drink, raincoat or jacket, change of clothing for my son mainly in case his clothes get wet if we take him to the beach.

I would always say check the weather before hand and have indoor activities to hand just in case the weather is too miserable to go outside, and remember if it does rain but you still want to walk through a park or be near a beach then pack wellies.

I tend to use my Bumbag from Boots, my cool bag from TK Maxx and rucksack from Sports Direct.

Please remember if you going to shops, adventure parks or museums to wear a mask or take one with you just in case.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 17 July 2020

How I organize my workspace

At the moment I am living in a room, and wanted to show how I organize my Workspace. 

So the notepads and planners I am using at the moment are my two bullet journals and my to do planner, and my A4 notepad, where I jot down notes and ideas of books and blogs to publish.

I have written a blogpost on one of my WordPress sites about the different journals I use, so if you would like to read this then here it is, in the link below:

Then I have a grey storage container bought from Lakelands and this holds my various stickers and sticky notes.

I have also done a bit of recycling and used a Super Noodles pot which I washed and cleaned out, as a pen holder. All my pens come from The Works and Wilkos.

I also keep my gratitude journal and another planner notepad.

I love recycling items to use as organisers and you can even use big yogurt pots to store your stationery items in aswell.

I great hack is if you have an unused toiletry bag then why not use this as a stationary hold, for your pens, scissors, erasers, etc.

To me a work space has to be functional and all the items I use daily to be there in front of me, so I can grab it and use it,without searching everywhere for items I need, to do my work.

I clean and tidy my workspace every Saturday as it can get rather dusty and helps keep me motivated to use my workspace.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 10 July 2020

Organizing a 6 year old child

Hello and welcome to a new organization blog. In this week's post I am talking about organizing a 6 year old boy.

Now if you didn't know I write two parenting blogs where I share my experience of being a parent, sharing Henry's life so far and the many challenges and hurdles that come with parenting.

If you would like to check these sites out then click on these links below:

When they are at an age like 6 they are now old enough to be a lot more independent so I will have Henry do tasks like taking off his shoes and putting them in a cupboard in the living room where we keep his shoes, with his socks inside the shoes ready for the next day.

I will have him undress and dress himself daily giving him some support if he needs it, as he does this.

He will now without supervision brush his teeth, and I have created a daily checklist for him to follow of things he needs to do in the morning, afternoon and evening, please see picture of this below:

I am still putting this together so he hasn't used it yet but will do more for him during the summer holidays ready for when he starts school back in September.

Once he has done the tasks each day he will then pick a heart from his reward bucket and on these will be a variety of rewards.

Organizing and making tasks fun is a great way for you to stay organized and them too.

In my last parenting blog I wrote this week I shared how to make Everyday things fun for your kids, because I find that they will do more instead of less and they will look forward to doing it again.

Have them clean their breakfast items whilst you get yourself ready if they don't need that much supervision now, and teach them how to make their own packed lunch. Henry loved it when I taught him how to make his own sandwich and wanted to continue on, plus because he has made it, he will eat the lot including the crusts.

Being organized is a must as a parent, because of how much there is to remember and so I always make sure I read the school newsletter every Friday to check dates and events coming up, any other letters and emails come from the school and check the Whatsapp group set up for parents who kids are in the same class on any events coming up.

To jot down things happening at school and keep note of any special days at Henry's school and holiday details I will use Google Calendar as you can update and carry this wherever I go, google docs where I have written step by step of what I need to on different days, and my personal planner.

Without these I would be well and truly lost.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Friday, 3 July 2020

Living in a room and how it is organized

Hi and welcome to another organization blog. At the moment due to Covid 19 and because I have now split from my husband, I am more or less living in a room.

It can easily get quite cluttered but with simple and cheap storage ideas it can be organized and maintained before it needs tidying again.

Here below is a image of a storage basket I got from TK Maxx and a really good price of £1.80, and have used this to store my toiletries, multivitamins and hair care products.

I have a small sized closet, so there are some clothes in there and at the moment my bags, which I am also using as storage. These are at the foot of my bed, until I can put together a better organized storage system.

I also have some clothes inside the storage basket you see some clothing on top of the black basket storage unit. Well I have tidied this up now. See image below:

and the white unit is where I am using for storing my spare bra and underwear.

It is amazing how you can still even with a small room, how you can still make space so there is no clutter.

There is more I want to use, for example bring over some of my storage boxes from where I lived in Epsom that I can store under my bed for items I have, to help create more space, and I will keep you posted of the upkeep of my room I am currently living in.

Anyway stay safe and many thanks for reading,

Carrie X