Friday, 11 June 2021

How I now manage my life/Using A5 notebook/Other books to create ideas for my books

Hello and welcome! This is a new Organize4thebetter blog where I share a video I did about How I am currently managing my life, using an A5 notebook to plan for the next day to on the day of what needs to be done. 

I love a notepad which I am showing in this video, and bought this from Sainsbury's and it is good to use it, and keeping all notes near me as much as possible, and I do I will go through all of them to create further content. 

I hope you enjoy

Many thanks

Carrie X

Monday, 7 June 2021

Organizing your money/Save and invest/no more over spending/use what i have

So over the years I have struggled with my finances and I have tried different methods to help me and now I have all I need in terms of clothes, underwear and shoes that, this will be it for the part of the year. 

I have been reckless but now funnily enough have put a curview in place of not needing anything more. 

Doing it monthly has helped and quarterly too. I do bulk buy if there is a deal in terms of toiletries I need and food items, but even that is on a limit and depends on the use by dates on items. 

It can also help you diet when it comes to spending money. I am no longer gonna buy a coffee in a shop, but have my own. 

I want to be clear of debt and I have cut up my credit card, I no longer want one. They are just too tempting and I was a real good saver of money as a kid, and I want to be the girl again. 

To me money does have value and now I am gonna to save and invest. I just go on a spending spree and then stop. So I do have control but it is buying online, cause it is so easy to click that checkout button. So my Very account has been cancelled and not going to buy any items from Wish, Shein and amazon until it is near Christmas. 

I am going to sell some items too. 

So how are you gonna organize your money? Do you budget month by monthly, or week by week?

I love to hear from your.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X  

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Packing and unpacking for a holiday/always have a checked list

So Lockdown is clearing and so some of us will be looking forward to a well earned holiday, to get the normality and doing things you would necessarily done when at home, like relaxing on a beach or near where there is a pool, and its good to take full advantage of being looked after.

I can't wait to pack up my stuff and go back home and I will do a video about unpacking and how to organize your stuff in a small bedroom with little wardrobe space, and when I get all my clothes from Epsom, it will be "What I can get rid off that I don't wear anymore?".

Do a checklist when it is packing, but no unpacking, and always put what you are going to wear first at the top of the bag or suitcase, and includes nightwear.

I always pack my underwear first and then shoes. Have travel case of make up, so you don't have to take the whole lot, and just enjoy your holiday.

When it comes to how many days to pack for I would say four to five outfits for the day and evening and swimming and beach clothes.

If I am going to be getting to my destination then I make sure I separate my hand luggage and items ready like a book to read whilst i am travelling to my destination, keys, phone and anything else. 

I pack lightly now and I like to wear different clothing to my norm at home. It is good way to get the most of the holiday and same with food and beverage. 

I used to love going to Menorca and Clacton as a kid, and I loved packing for these sorts of holidays, and wouldn't often wear new items just for a well earned holiday.

So I hope this has helped you, have a good rest of the week.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Hoarding/mental health/how to be an organized hoarder

So before I begin this blog, I want you to answer this question, When you see the word hoarder, what does it mean to you, and are you really a hoarder?

I hold my hands up as I am a hoarder, but I do have it under control. I do go through parts of the year not buying items, and then get the urge to spend money, but it is always planned and set out, and this helps me control the things I have and no buy items just for the sake of it, which is a sign you could be a hoarder, if you always go into a shop like TK Maxx and have to come out with a purchase. Yet when you don't you know you have it under control. 

I am watching a show that was on TV about Hoarders but the extreme kind where they can't even get into their home easily as they have a house full of stuff. Its often sentimental value, wanting to recycle everything and feeling they have to keep stuff "Because its just in case" factor. 

How do you get it under control?

For me its "Will I ever use it" and "Have I used it?" and "How long I have had that item?".

If it is No I haven't used it since it was bought, I don't see place of it at the moment and its been sitting there for a year. its time to let go of it, and I do the one in and one out, system. So if I buy new clothes I will have a sort through to see if there are items I have donate, sell or give to someone else. 

Is it something you inherit?

It can be, as my nan had a lot of items in her home but it was always organized and never chaotic. For me I did live in chaos a lot, but I would have a good old clean up. Not all of the time, but when it came to breaking point. STUFF EVERYWHERE! 

My dad liked to keep stuff and I have inherited a lot from my dad, and I found it tough to let things, go and there are items that I had wished I had kept when my mum was selling our home in Richmond, was my scrapbooks, my video tapes, cassette tapes and records.

I do believe in the Kon Marie method where if it sparks joy keep, if not dispose or donate. 

When I recycle I will use the item straight away, but if I don't see any use of an item I will then put it into the recycle bin to be taken by the dustman. 

Can it take over your life?

Yes it can, and when you can hardly see the floor you know soon or later you'll being tripping over the stuff in your room or house, so the things I would suggest to keep hold of, is shoe boxes as these are great to keep documents in, and envelopes by gluing them together and will lower the spend on a filing system or temporary until you can buy a better filing system to keep letters and bank statements in. 

If you can go paperless take it, as if you need a statement you can print off your transactions and deposites, from doing home banking. 

Things like Gas bills still go with paper statements as they can stitch you up with the bill and also keep tabs on your Gas Meters yourself as this will help make sure, they don't charge you more going on your meter reading. 

Also these are great for when you need to change your name of accounts or open new bank accounts and also when going for new employment they now often ask for these items to prove you are a UK resident. 

The other items that are good to keep hold off, is jars as they are great if you keep buttons off of clothing, make up brushes, pens and pencils and washed out and for snacks. 

What is good hoarding?

Buying items in bulk, but to a limit too, but things that you use regularly and that you easily run out of, like Washing detergent, dishwasher tablet, toilet paper, kitchen roll and reusuable cleaning cloths. Even make up items I will by extras of like my regular nivea face cream and body sprays. 

Item that aren't gonna clutter, but be used without having to spend money on more, atnd often you can save money by buying items in bulk. 

It is good to have if you have a house with many floors is having cleaning items around the house, upstairs and down as it saves so much time, when tidying and cleaning. So having spares of cleaning cloths, sponges, toothbrush to cleanig tiles and plug holes, and shower heads. 

I have before used natural products to clean so lemon and table salt, is the great to discale areas around the house. Like I am near Mrs Hinch, I sometimes wish, but its the effort and what I'd rather do, to that has to be done at some point.

Can passed experiences turn you into a hoarder?

Going on myself yes, as I remember once my mum asking my brother to go into my room when I lived in London, Hammersmith and clear it out, and so I am very protect over my belongings, but it has in a way worked in reverse in that I try not to have too much of every item I own, only on items I like to wear and use all the time, like writing materials, and leggins. 

I have got it under control, and seeing the TV shows about hoarding it has made me more aware of having loads of everything, and having items I know will definitly use and its does it have any revelance in my life any more. It can happen due to a loss of a loved one or a end of a relationship, it isn't something you are born with it is things that has triggered this behaviour of having loads of stuff. 

How can hoarding effect your mental health?

The question is, "Do you always want to live with something that is an eye sore?" and it can make us feel stuck in a rut, and that we haven't got out life together when we live in mess, so even though I don't like cleaning seeing my desk in a chaotic mess makes me feel Gosh that is too much, so for me yes. When I have a functional way i find it less stressful and that I have my life in order. 

It can make you not want to get out of bed, when you see that you have too much stuff that you can handle then it means you mind is full of seeing the amount you have, so needs to be cleared to feel "Yes now I have my life in order". So it does, it makes us feel "Everything is okay with the world again". 

So if you hoard it is okay just learn how to manage it is the key. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Finding a Good working pattern/spilling milkshake on my desk/My desk saying look at me I need cleaning

Having a good work balance is important but if you find your work is beginning to sink then it means that the pattern that you follow needs to be changed, it can often be that you've given yourself too much to do. We find we can't get it all done. You need to change the pattern so you can. 

I do like my work pattern as I am ticking off a lot rather than drawing a cross because I haven't. I do think my work pattern needs to be tweeked, I do think if I had a calendar in view I can use that to set challenges and deadlines, but I like working when things aren't set in stone so I work on the blogs I want to each day. I am not good with repatition, so I like to mix my work up. I do have a routine, because of the pattern of my work has helpled me keep withi it, but I have pattern where I will listen to a Youtube video and then bit by bit work on a blog post or work on a book I am writing. 

Often if you have so many ideas you can end up with lots of projects that are finished and then this destroys the energy to actually wanting to finish anything.Change the pattern. Spend the mornings just going over what needs to be done, and check how each project you have completed the response and STOP MULTITASKING! I was someone who did believe in this, but now when I focus on one item at a time easier, and when we do that, our attention to detail is better and you naturally start to prioritize. 

For me when I start my day I will see what is already open to go through what I want and need to do first. So if I have a Day in a life video to upload, then I will make sure this is done first and doesn't get left behind. If I need to do a video and a post Sponsored that this is done once I have edited that Day in a life video, and its being uploaded and has been. 

If I have any outside appointments then these may be at various times and days. So I will manage my other work either before the time of this appointment or after. If a book is due out and I see that I am getting behind I have a pattern where I can get videos and blogs scheduled and written in bulk, I can then have a pattern of then working on my books and focus on these as I have videos and blogs already set up. 

A good work pattern is not constantly working all day but where I do take more breaks than work. Yes I may still work late some days but rest and recuperation is important too and having a work pattern so you can spend time with family. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X 

Monday, 12 April 2021

Areas where it doesn't work

 I find whenever it comes to Organizing I find that when I plan to organize I don't so is an area where it doesn't work, for me and that I can manage. 

This week I have been putting together a Clean with me video which was filmed over a course of 5 days or so, as I find tidying and cleaning areas one at a time, to be more effective and manageable for me. 

I am looking forward having what I can really call "My own home" to potter around again, as I do enjoy that, and I do have a order in doing this is by, going into each room at a time, and working on the main room I like to spend most of the time to areas I don't. 

When I do this, I don't really set it out in stone but there is a logic in my madness, and that is pottering around is more productive for me rather than sitting down and planning tidying up and pottering around. 

The areas where I do try to organize is my work and I will spend time to work out what I want to do next and what I need to do, but I don't really plan what I am going to be filming but keep tabs on the videos I have done. 

For me the word "Organize" to me, is simple ideas that don't take that much time, and helps me to flexible, making room for not just the things I have to do, but the thing I want to do too.

So just doing bit a day can make all the difference. Check out my New EBook: Things to change one day at a time

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

Friday, 2 April 2021

Ways in which you can recycle/ How you can save time packing/storing items and make them functional items

If I have a parcel from Amazon who I my go to online shop I will always keep the box, as I am in the process of moving and it saves having to buy a load of boxes as they are there ready. I am also liking that online stores are using reusuable delivery sealable bags, as I have used this to put some clothes in ready to put in a suitcase when my love brings them round, to then pack without it taking too long.

I use boxes for storing certain items too, and I used to love Nigella Lawson as she would have a trunk in her shed where she would keep different frying pans in, of ones she loved using, but didn't use all of the time, and if you have a plastic microwave bowl these are great to use for a Lazy Susan and I have even used a Pot Noodle Pot as a pen holder on my desk.

I use shoes boxes as a bedside organizer where I put spare USB sticks and old bank cards.

I love any item that can be recycled, because it reduces waste, helps clear up spaces and saves me money on having to buy carts all of the time. 

So look at the thing you throw away to see if they can be reused.

Look on Pinterest, which is my go to platform for ideas.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X 

Monday, 15 March 2021

5 Tips on Establishing a Good Work Routine/Being a content creator

Hello and welcome! This week I am giving 5 Tips on Establishing a Good Work Routine, and it is something that if you too wish to be a content creator, writing blogs, books, online courses and create Youtube videos you have to get used to, and so here is a video giving you those tips:

It often means working evenings and weekends too, but if you have a good work routine it helps with balance and creating time for other things you want to do, and so for me it isn't work as it was once a hobby that has stemmed into a career but it also starts to open the door to other opportunities and once you start to develop a good routine it really helps with not getting burn out and to continue to enjoy it.

I am in the process of creating a Content Creators Planner, so stay posted as I will let you know, once this has been completed and becomes available.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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Monday, 1 March 2021

Creating a blog post/10 tips/Demonstration of setting a blog on Google Blogger and Wordpress

 Hello and welcome! So I am now making videos for this blog site now and in this video I am talking about Creating a Blog post, which has 10 tips on creating a blog and give a demonstrating on how to set up one using Google Blogger and Wordpress. Click on the picture below to watch this video:

I also do write a bloglovin post about Blog writing aswell as writing books, check this out via this link:

The majority of my work is brainstorming and researching and developing work balance to schedule my blogs to make my postings consistent and relative. 

Never write about topics you do not know as it will show in your work, but doesn't mean you can't learn about new things to implement them into a blogpost as sometimes being a novice is something can help with building your audience as you are using it to tell your story of a new thing you have tried and this can encourage feedback. 

You want to show your audience that what you are sharing is real as everyone can know when someone has used a template, rather than written off the cuff which alot of it is and is original. 

So I wish you well and gave a good week and see you in the next blog. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Managing My Work Load/Having a Simple system

Hello and welcome to another Organize4thebetter blog and I have created a new video for this weeks post, showing the new Notebook I have developed in a more functional system. 

I use a basic A4 notebook and have plenty of pages to Map out my work, schedule in blogs already drafted and scheduled to go live and have pages where I can Brainstorm. 

A Notebook is a functional system that keeps managing my workload Simple and not havin to search through to find items and notes I have written. 

Manage my work is important so I don't write the same content and keep it regular and original, and keeping in touch with what is happening around me. 

So I hope this blog has been helpful, and many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Friday, 12 February 2021

Brain Storming and how it helps me keep my work some how organised

So I am someone who gives myself too much to do. So I do have to rein myself in to stop doing so and just take a breath now and then. 

Writing blogs, books, online courses and creating video content, I have to manage my workload so it still gets done but I don't get overloaded with stuff to do each day. 

The one thing I do on a regular basis in Brainstorm, because then it helps keep my content original and relevant to keep my readers entertained but help them at the same time. See picture of an example:

I don't clean my desk everyday or brainstorm everyday but do it when I feel I am needing some more inspiration and more fresh new content that is from my own experience aswell as sharing tips that have worked for me too, from other videos and blog content. 

Stick to one notepad for the remainder of your work, as having so many can get you bogged down and like. This is too much and I can't manage all these notepads and becomes a burden rather than a luxury to write for a living. 

I am filled with pride now that I am a full time professional writer and content creater, but also because I love being part of the writing world and be in touch with like minded people. 

So do brainstorm. It doesn't have to be in one go, do some research to help you and doing other things can help you add things to it and then you be surprised with other ideas that come your way. 

You can even get a magnetic wipe away white board to brain storm and some use a Konman board to brain storm with stick notes for a project like a blog series that I often do and other ideas you want to add to your content or projects. 

Also some use a IPad to brainstorm and pinterest to create board of project ideas in, and even create one using Word, Publisher or Notepad onto your phone, tablet or IPad.

So keep going and do what I do watch a video or a audiobook whilst you brainstorm and take a photo if done in a notepad so you don't have to carry the notebook you use all the time and still have it to hand. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Functioning Work Base Personally for you

Hello and welcome to a new blogpost. In this post I am talking about having a functioning working Space personally to you. 

So my desk is a dressing table/work desk and is where I put my make up on, do my skincare routines and work on my blogs, books, planned online courses and many of my videos. 

Your space needs to be one where you can spend time doing the things you love aswell as the things you got to do. 

Now, my desk right now AS I WRITE THIS POST, is jam packed and so I do pick a day to clean it and reorganise but to my personal structure. So I have my make up and skincare bags I use everyday, items to add to my breakfast in the morning, a tin with my Jewellry, journals and planners and my notebooks I use for planning my schedule each day and what I use to plan out my books I am currently working on. 

See pictures of my Functioning work base looks like. This is how often it looks unlike now. 

I am not super tidy, and do put off cleaning it a lot, but doesn't mean I don't get it done, its just when I am in work mode I just get stuck in and forget about the crumbs that build up, and having a day to tidy it, does do the trick and I do feel less cluttered in my mind. I just am not a happy cleaner. 

There are four things that are important to me and that is:

- Easy access to my daily items 

- Have my notes and lists ready for the day

- Got my essentials. My glasses, a drink and snacks to hand if I feel pekish. 

- All my programmes I use daily on my laptop which is charged up daily without hesitation.

If you live in a tiny space then you can still make it living proof and your own. 

If you need inspiration on organization then do check out my other posts on this site and go over to Youtube as there are loads of Content Creators on there that do Organization videos and blogs too. 

It is about making it doable and having items you can just grab so you don't become distracted, and can continue to function to do your work.

This again is a day in this picture when my desk was tidied and when I look at these pictures helps motivate me to clean and clear it again. 


So this is my list of work structured essentials:

- One main daily Notebook and stationary

- Planners and Journals

- Chargers and cables

So that is it, and I am someone who tries to make life less complicated. I hated life when it becomes headache and a burden. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Friday, 29 January 2021

Parenting without a Fuss/Things you can do to have fun with your kids in the Pandemic

So it is Friday and almost the weekend and even though my son spends a lot of time with his dad I do still get to see him on some days and I like to spend time with my boy without too much fuss. I don't mind if he wants a bit of chocolate as I do think of him when I do my weekly shop and it is in moderation, I don't mind him watching his favourite show, tipping point and I don't mind him watching his tablet for a bit.

What is important to me is that my son is content and this blog is about parenting without a fuss:

If you know you are going to see your son or daughter in advance plan the day ahead

At the moment I don't always know when I will see my son as his dad is taking care of him and I will be with my new man in my life again soon, and that will make all the difference, but plan days of different things for him and my other children I would like to have, so we and they have a day of fun and laughter. 

Do a chart and go over with them of the different things you have planned and let them have a choice of what they would like to do

Kids love it when they can decide what to play, so have some set activities and then have a choice hour of different items you have pre-listed that they would like to do. 

Also if you have autistic children they often like a routine and know what is going to happen so go through it with them. 

Do a list of activities on a list or a chart and have them tick and choose which one they would like to do and you can do these when asking children to help with home tasks

So if you have a load of kids around your ankles because they are bored with what to do, create a list for each child whether by hand or by computer and have them tick which task or activity they would like to do, or another way is have them pick out of a hat and a hack you could do this with some paper and an empty tissue box. 

Have your kids draw a schedule out for themselves for the week and again have them tick of items they want to do and make homeschooling fun by using games like toy bricks or wall charts to help with learning letters and numbers for example.

Teaching kids time managment is brilliant for their independence and doesn't have to be strict learning, but if they have drawn a schedule for themselves there is a more of a chance they will follow it. 

Parenting can often feel like a hard task but it doesn't have to be, and I believe allowing kids to be free is a better way to support them and encourage pretend play like shops as this is a good game that teaches them about money and one of my nieces would use a mat and pretend it was a boat. 

Kids love games where they can use their imagination and so why not,

Have them put on a show for you and relatives and film it to send to all their Aunties and Uncles. A great way for them to see that you are okay in the Pandemic and thinking of them at the same time. 

Me and my Friend who I grew up with did this when she stayed with me at my Aunties house as kids and was going to do this for my Nan and Grandad, to say thank you for looking after us, and it is great for them to wear different costumes and be comical, sing and even do a dance routine, and even read a poem. 

Let kids be kids and be as creative as they like. 

I loved dressing up as a kid and would be entered into many Fancy Dress competitions and was how I met my new man when I was a kid and you could do the same,

Have a kids Fancy Dress party and have a competition and you can make party food and play games like pass the parcel it doesn't necessarily have to be a birthday just having fun and making the most of the time you have together. 

Kids want interaction and this pandemic can effect them in the fact they aren't seeing their friends but you could do a Zoom Kids Fancy dress party and they then still get to have that interaction. 

Put out all the stops as they say, and have as much fun as possible. 

See you in the next post.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday, 23 January 2021

How I don't organize and when I do/Choose your own time and day

So Here is my work space and you wouldn’t believe it but I know where everything is….and if you look close enough you’ll find my brain in there somewhere too….Good luck….now let me think where did I just put down my coffee?...oh its there where all the other mugs are….that is why I don’t organize. FUNNY THAT!


Hi and welcome! So it Saturday and today has been terbelent day, in that I found out that someone that I knew and coached has lost their life and yes it was very upsetting. However, life has to crack on even though it can be tough to think that those you once knew to be there aren't anymore, I know that God will look after them. 

I respect that you may not be a believer in that, but I am. Anyway, thank God I have the new man in my life, my other relatives, virtue family and my writing and as I would be completely lost without you and that.

So in this post I am sharing how I don't organize everyday and how I do, by dedicating a day and time in my day to sort myself out. So Thursdays I don't do a Day In A Life Video (see playlist below) and it will be cleaning my desk up, taking any plates and rubbish away and using what I have for storage. 

At the moment I am using a very thin wardrobe, and my bags to store items in and boxes I have recycled. 

Do I buy items in bulk?

Yes I am a big believer of that, as I do this with my toiletries and snacks. This means that I never run out of anything and keep replenishing what I use all the time and stop the panic, because I am about to run out of items.  

This helps leave time for me to catch up on my work and do other things in the week. Or another way is to select a time in your daily schedule to do a bit of tidying up, even if it for 5 to 10 minutes, but do I all the time? No but when England lose a game in a World cup or European Championship, I can't wait t find something to clean. 

Now in Lockdown I do use it to focus on my work, but even I can't stand biscuit crumbs all over my desk sitting there for a week, so choosing a day where I take it easy I will use to sort my desk and room out. 

I also do the thing where if I go to make a cup of tea for example, I will bring something down to be recycled or to be washed up if needed. 

Organizing is not something I enjoy as such, but it does help in that I don't lose my way. 

I live in a Notebook most of the item, (see my last blog: I will also select a time in the week to update my planners and time at the end of the day of what I have done today and what is schedule to be written uploaded and to be published.

Getting my life on track is tricky being a mum, and working fulltime as a writer, but I do it and I love it. That is what is important to me at the end of the day, and I would not like to go a day without writing and so set a day to clean and organize and other times to do what you want not what you have to. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

How I Live In My Notebook/First Organization Video of Jan 2021

Hello and Welcome to a new Organize4thebetter blog post. Here I share a video I have done on Youtube to show how I live In My Notebook. I do have others but I have one main one and I prefer using a A4 Notepad and use it to organize my work and schedule my entire life. 

I am not super organized by any means and lots of the work I do is off the cuff as they say, but this notebook system I have into play really helps me stay on track and make sure my work doesn't leave me behind, being a Full Time Writer and so please see my video below:

I love Notebooks that has a slogan at the front and I do have others I use for my books to charactor reference and plot but have a main one and is something I have always done. 

It keeps me from getting overwhelmed and note down what I have done each day.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Doing a Seasonal Clean up/Clear everything including you mobile and laptop,

Hello and welcome to another Organize4thebetter post, which is dedicated to helping you become organised and in the process helps me stay on track too. 

This time of year, aswell as Spring and autumn I like to have a clean up, and that includes going through my wardrobe, going through items in my room that I no longer need and also includes clearing items off my phone and on my Laptop. 

Often laptops and mobiles phone can can clogged up with photos, notes and APPs that it then comes up with a message to tell you, your storage is full. 

The best way to store photos is to add them to your Google Photos and then they will always be there, to go back to and then they won't use up your memory.

I have been doing that in the last weeks, and I even make sure that I regularly go through my Pinterest Boards, and today I am going to go through more of my Google photos to have them sorted out too. 

Having a clear out, really helps with your mood and mind. 

Also changing up your wardrobe and put some outfits together and create a Pinterest board for your own personal fashion and outfits. 

I like to do this for my weekly Look Book Blog I write see link:

I like to organize toiletries from what is the oldest to the newest. If there are items that I don't like, then get rid of them and then keep the ones I do like.

I will often go through my make up, if there are palletes I never use or have not used recently and didn't like them, then desposed of them. The same with Perfumes and even jewellry I never wear. I just clear away and like to update these items with new products, and it just makes me feel relieved letting some items go. 

There are a lot of people who like to do a reset and so do I, even though didn't realise, I do. 

It is good to have a clear out and you'll be surprised of what you find that you do still like but has been buried under other things, that you don't like. 

So lets get decluttering and in with the new and out with the old. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X 

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Organizing Your New Year Goals

Hello and welcome to my Organization post. I have just written a building Self confidence post on my, Building Self Confidence blog site and in this post, I want to talk about Organizing Your New Year Goals.

I always as we draw near to another year set my new goals from December to December and this year I have separated my goals in three categories rather than 5 or 6, and they are,

  • Home
  • Work 
  • Play
Having goals should include fun things, you would like to do and this would come under Play, I wish to build my savings to have my own place again, that would be in my category, Home and want to start to sell more items on my blogsites, so comes under Work.

Check out my new Planning documents I have created which you can download and print off:

When you set out your goals make sure they have a purpose, they don't lead you overwhelmed and are fulfilling. 

There is no point for example me losing weight and not being happy because I feel hungry all of the time. The art of losing weight is to still eat, but when I am hungry and still enjoy foods, rather than restrict myself and then going over and over in my head of why I really want to eat the foods I love.

Goals should be something you set daily, weekly and monthly and Yearly. 

I for my blogs set targets and goals and I achieved on and that was to have 100 followers for my site:

It has done really well and I know my readers are getting something from the posts I write on this site, and it helps me stay on track.

So set your goals and make sure they include, Self Care and down time.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X 

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