Sunday, 31 March 2013

Packing organisation

This is the time of year where lots of you will have booked some time off and going on your travels and thought I would write a short blog on travel organization.

I have found a great packing organization YouTube video which gives some good quick tips (see the following link).

When packing for a trip try always create a list of all the items you are planning on taking, and separate them into 2 categories.

- Essentials (Toiletries, Underwear, passport, travel documents etc).
- Non essentials (Your iPad or MP3 player, your fancy non everyday shoes).

Then go through the essential items first and then check the space you have left and then add some non essentials.

Please remember some of the non essentials can go into your hand luggage such as a book which you may want to have on hand anyway to read something whilst you are travelling.

The items such as your travel documents, passport, keys, money and mobile phone should always be on you all the time, as you will need to get them at the train station and/or at the airport.

Any toiletries must be less than 100ml to be within your hand luggage, in a see through bag and resealable, and be one plastic see through bag per person.
Here is a link which gives more regulations in regards to toiletry restrictions when travelling by air.

There is nothing worse then forgetting and then you are embarrassingly searched, and even though it was an innocent mistake you always get that suspicious look from the guards and you can't help but feel guilty. Not a good way to start your holiday.

Happy Easter everyone.
Many thanks for reading.

Carrie X

Friday, 22 March 2013

How to make your own DIY organizing storage ideas.

Hi All,

Thank you to those whom have already been reading my blogs.

I have some more information on how you can organize on a budget and how to create D.I.Y organizers.

Just need:

- Recycled tins, boxes, jars or use the plastic containers you get from your local takeaway.
Make sure they are washed out first and sterilised.
- Sellotape, glue and scissors.
- Measuring tape.
- Embellishments, Ribbon or pretty labels or even use tags you see attached on new purchased clothing and just cover with decorated paper.

Recycling your tins and jars is great for making storage for example your pens, paper clips and drawing pins.

Use a wine rack as a place to put your hair straighteners and hair dryers. Use a spices rack as a place for your nail varnish and other cosmetics. Sounds mad but it is true, remember use what you have, then you this reduces the amount you spend and it is amazing what storage is available out there that you can buy on such a low cost.

Please watch these videos below of D.I.Y organizing projects for ideas:

This how I organize my supplies I need on my computer desk and the box you see at the far end with the glues just below where you see the speaker, that is the D.I.Y organizer I made. I am now using this in my filing cabinet to keep spare file binders, labels and scrap crafting paper.

Today I was sorting out my Sewing draw, and used the little bags that I had, these are ones that I have kept from spare buttons attached to clothes I've bought over the years, and these little bags are very handy for storing for example: jewellery, your spare buttons, screws, safety pins and drawing pins.

I will show you my test of draws which I have organized using recyclable boxes.

This will be changed shortly and so I will show the updated version soon. 

Now I haven't decorated the boxes as of yet as I am still not sure if I will continue to use them, but this is a temporary solution at the moment, and this is keeping with my advise on my very first blog, use what you have and don't spend the earth. Today I bought 5 new storage containers for the kitchen from the pound shop and they worked fine, so you save aswell as keep organized, and update your storage as they like most items they will wear after time, and do dust them to keep them looking neat and tidy. 

Picture of the storage containers purchased from the Poundshop.

The storage baskets I am going to show you below are ones I purchased from Wilkinsons which was 5 for £2.00 and will be buying more, and they have really helped me to organize my bedside table draws. 
In the picture above showing the top of my chest of draws, the brown box you see on the left of the picture at the front I have changed this, to one of the red baskets and I will show you an updated picture of my Chest of draws soon, as I am going to update and give my bedroom a complete make over, as it just needs to be brightened up a bit more. 

Storage boxes from Wilkinsons

I use two bags for storage too, one is on the back of my bathroom door and really pretty from Paperchase that has all travel toiletries as they are handy to keep for holidays and overnight stays at friends and family houses. 
The other bag is hanging on the hook of the back of my bedroom door, and has all my belts, hats and scarfs and is see-through so can see what it is in side. 

See pictures below:

They aren't great photos so do apologise for that but just gives an idea of what you can use to stock spares but not clutter up spaces. 

So I really hope this has given you some great ideas of organize for less cost, and thank you for ready.

Carrie X

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Organizing videos I like to use

Hi All,

Here are my favourite organizational YouTube videos that help motivate me and helps provide tips on organizing better and using those simple money saving solutions.

I thought I would share these with you all, as these may help you too.

Please share your videos that help inspire you to be organized.




Friday, 1 March 2013

Carrying on organizing the home

I have written about the organizing home my previous blog Home is Where the Heart is and my word press blog

So to follow on and continue on from writing about organizing the home, I would like to share my details of what I have on my computer desk. I have all my study notebooks in a magazine box file, my study guide folder and my study exercises in another magazine box file.

I have my laptop on my computer desk, my desk top monitor, my small speakers, my recycled stationary box organizer, my small stationary sliding draw organizer, my meal planner notepad and my to do book, and some postage notes.

The hard drive for my PC is under the desk along with a box of spare paper for the printer and my printer is near the desk so it is easily accessible, with spare ink cartridges and a large party bag with my Avon brochures and order forms inside.

From the details provided of the contents on my desk and underneath it, it may sound like a lot but it is all in it's rightful place neatly, I don't have piles and piles of paper on my desk.

Living in a one bedroom flat with my husband I have to use the space I have, and this is the key to organizing and de-clutter, you don't need to be a in big house or apartment you just need to make the most of the space you have.

If you have a filing cabinet then what papers you don't need instantly but may need to refer to such as a bill you may need to check, then keep filed in your filing cabinet in a file under header for example "important bills file". Categories your paper work in your filing cabinet and colour code. To separate bills but keep in one file, use plastic folders and again colour code for each bill or letters you need to keep. Don't overfill a file in your cabinet but storing one piece or paper in each file is not using the space constructively, so keep your bills in colour coded folders with stickers on the folder so you know who the bill relates to and keep in one file if it is for example banking statements, stationary orders, receipts etc.

Thank for reading

Carrie X