Sunday, 21 February 2021

Managing My Work Load/Having a Simple system

Hello and welcome to another Organize4thebetter blog and I have created a new video for this weeks post, showing the new Notebook I have developed in a more functional system. 

I use a basic A4 notebook and have plenty of pages to Map out my work, schedule in blogs already drafted and scheduled to go live and have pages where I can Brainstorm. 

A Notebook is a functional system that keeps managing my workload Simple and not havin to search through to find items and notes I have written. 

Manage my work is important so I don't write the same content and keep it regular and original, and keeping in touch with what is happening around me. 

So I hope this blog has been helpful, and many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Friday, 12 February 2021

Brain Storming and how it helps me keep my work some how organised

So I am someone who gives myself too much to do. So I do have to rein myself in to stop doing so and just take a breath now and then. 

Writing blogs, books, online courses and creating video content, I have to manage my workload so it still gets done but I don't get overloaded with stuff to do each day. 

The one thing I do on a regular basis in Brainstorm, because then it helps keep my content original and relevant to keep my readers entertained but help them at the same time. See picture of an example:

I don't clean my desk everyday or brainstorm everyday but do it when I feel I am needing some more inspiration and more fresh new content that is from my own experience aswell as sharing tips that have worked for me too, from other videos and blog content. 

Stick to one notepad for the remainder of your work, as having so many can get you bogged down and like. This is too much and I can't manage all these notepads and becomes a burden rather than a luxury to write for a living. 

I am filled with pride now that I am a full time professional writer and content creater, but also because I love being part of the writing world and be in touch with like minded people. 

So do brainstorm. It doesn't have to be in one go, do some research to help you and doing other things can help you add things to it and then you be surprised with other ideas that come your way. 

You can even get a magnetic wipe away white board to brain storm and some use a Konman board to brain storm with stick notes for a project like a blog series that I often do and other ideas you want to add to your content or projects. 

Also some use a IPad to brainstorm and pinterest to create board of project ideas in, and even create one using Word, Publisher or Notepad onto your phone, tablet or IPad.

So keep going and do what I do watch a video or a audiobook whilst you brainstorm and take a photo if done in a notepad so you don't have to carry the notebook you use all the time and still have it to hand. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Functioning Work Base Personally for you

Hello and welcome to a new blogpost. In this post I am talking about having a functioning working Space personally to you. 

So my desk is a dressing table/work desk and is where I put my make up on, do my skincare routines and work on my blogs, books, planned online courses and many of my videos. 

Your space needs to be one where you can spend time doing the things you love aswell as the things you got to do. 

Now, my desk right now AS I WRITE THIS POST, is jam packed and so I do pick a day to clean it and reorganise but to my personal structure. So I have my make up and skincare bags I use everyday, items to add to my breakfast in the morning, a tin with my Jewellry, journals and planners and my notebooks I use for planning my schedule each day and what I use to plan out my books I am currently working on. 

See pictures of my Functioning work base looks like. This is how often it looks unlike now. 

I am not super tidy, and do put off cleaning it a lot, but doesn't mean I don't get it done, its just when I am in work mode I just get stuck in and forget about the crumbs that build up, and having a day to tidy it, does do the trick and I do feel less cluttered in my mind. I just am not a happy cleaner. 

There are four things that are important to me and that is:

- Easy access to my daily items 

- Have my notes and lists ready for the day

- Got my essentials. My glasses, a drink and snacks to hand if I feel pekish. 

- All my programmes I use daily on my laptop which is charged up daily without hesitation.

If you live in a tiny space then you can still make it living proof and your own. 

If you need inspiration on organization then do check out my other posts on this site and go over to Youtube as there are loads of Content Creators on there that do Organization videos and blogs too. 

It is about making it doable and having items you can just grab so you don't become distracted, and can continue to function to do your work.

This again is a day in this picture when my desk was tidied and when I look at these pictures helps motivate me to clean and clear it again. 


So this is my list of work structured essentials:

- One main daily Notebook and stationary

- Planners and Journals

- Chargers and cables

So that is it, and I am someone who tries to make life less complicated. I hated life when it becomes headache and a burden. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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