Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Finding a Good working pattern/spilling milkshake on my desk/My desk saying look at me I need cleaning

Having a good work balance is important but if you find your work is beginning to sink then it means that the pattern that you follow needs to be changed, it can often be that you've given yourself too much to do. We find we can't get it all done. You need to change the pattern so you can. 

I do like my work pattern as I am ticking off a lot rather than drawing a cross because I haven't. I do think my work pattern needs to be tweeked, I do think if I had a calendar in view I can use that to set challenges and deadlines, but I like working when things aren't set in stone so I work on the blogs I want to each day. I am not good with repatition, so I like to mix my work up. I do have a routine, because of the pattern of my work has helpled me keep withi it, but I have pattern where I will listen to a Youtube video and then bit by bit work on a blog post or work on a book I am writing. 

Often if you have so many ideas you can end up with lots of projects that are finished and then this destroys the energy to actually wanting to finish anything.Change the pattern. Spend the mornings just going over what needs to be done, and check how each project you have completed the response and STOP MULTITASKING! I was someone who did believe in this, but now when I focus on one item at a time easier, and when we do that, our attention to detail is better and you naturally start to prioritize. 

For me when I start my day I will see what is already open to go through what I want and need to do first. So if I have a Day in a life video to upload, then I will make sure this is done first and doesn't get left behind. If I need to do a video and a post Sponsored that this is done once I have edited that Day in a life video, and its being uploaded and has been. 

If I have any outside appointments then these may be at various times and days. So I will manage my other work either before the time of this appointment or after. If a book is due out and I see that I am getting behind I have a pattern where I can get videos and blogs scheduled and written in bulk, I can then have a pattern of then working on my books and focus on these as I have videos and blogs already set up. 

A good work pattern is not constantly working all day but where I do take more breaks than work. Yes I may still work late some days but rest and recuperation is important too and having a work pattern so you can spend time with family. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X 

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