Saturday, 23 January 2021

How I don't organize and when I do/Choose your own time and day

So Here is my work space and you wouldn’t believe it but I know where everything is….and if you look close enough you’ll find my brain in there somewhere too….Good luck….now let me think where did I just put down my coffee?...oh its there where all the other mugs are….that is why I don’t organize. FUNNY THAT!


Hi and welcome! So it Saturday and today has been terbelent day, in that I found out that someone that I knew and coached has lost their life and yes it was very upsetting. However, life has to crack on even though it can be tough to think that those you once knew to be there aren't anymore, I know that God will look after them. 

I respect that you may not be a believer in that, but I am. Anyway, thank God I have the new man in my life, my other relatives, virtue family and my writing and as I would be completely lost without you and that.

So in this post I am sharing how I don't organize everyday and how I do, by dedicating a day and time in my day to sort myself out. So Thursdays I don't do a Day In A Life Video (see playlist below) and it will be cleaning my desk up, taking any plates and rubbish away and using what I have for storage. 

At the moment I am using a very thin wardrobe, and my bags to store items in and boxes I have recycled. 

Do I buy items in bulk?

Yes I am a big believer of that, as I do this with my toiletries and snacks. This means that I never run out of anything and keep replenishing what I use all the time and stop the panic, because I am about to run out of items.  

This helps leave time for me to catch up on my work and do other things in the week. Or another way is to select a time in your daily schedule to do a bit of tidying up, even if it for 5 to 10 minutes, but do I all the time? No but when England lose a game in a World cup or European Championship, I can't wait t find something to clean. 

Now in Lockdown I do use it to focus on my work, but even I can't stand biscuit crumbs all over my desk sitting there for a week, so choosing a day where I take it easy I will use to sort my desk and room out. 

I also do the thing where if I go to make a cup of tea for example, I will bring something down to be recycled or to be washed up if needed. 

Organizing is not something I enjoy as such, but it does help in that I don't lose my way. 

I live in a Notebook most of the item, (see my last blog: I will also select a time in the week to update my planners and time at the end of the day of what I have done today and what is schedule to be written uploaded and to be published.

Getting my life on track is tricky being a mum, and working fulltime as a writer, but I do it and I love it. That is what is important to me at the end of the day, and I would not like to go a day without writing and so set a day to clean and organize and other times to do what you want not what you have to. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie (L.M) X

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