Monday, 31 August 2020

Unless the Queen visits, then don't be worried if for one day you have a messy home

There are times where I can be super productive and other times I am not, and can be miss unorganized, where I have clothes over my chair I sit on when on the computer and bags with stuff in them all over the floor. 

I have sometimes fooled myself that I am like Martha Stewart when I know I am not, however I do believe that if you live in a mess it can stress you out, so I do try to declutter, but I no longer false myself to do it but clear it when I am ready to, and there is nothing else to do. 

When I think of being organized I think of Mary Poppins who in the film she clicks her fingers and everything falls into place and tidied away. If I had that power I would be run down on offers by others to tidy their homes too, but as I wasn't given such a skill I have to make do with being the messy cow I so often am, do my best in the process to be somewhat organised, without pilling on the pressure. 

I will get it done, I know I will but as soon as I feel like "If I don't do it now I am a bad person or it will be the end of the world" like saying "Bullocks to it, and do it tomorrow".

So now I will rein myself in as when I am full of energy I will then give myself 16 things to do and then forget that I am only one person and who am I kidding?

I do like to do lists, but often I won't always make a list on paper but in my head, and as long as it gets done then so be it, and remember that it is not how much I do, but what benefit it gives me. 

If it makes you happy then do it, but never false yourself as you are more likely to put it off and it isn't about multitasking either, it's about given yourself time to breath and take in what you see, and if you aren't happy with your home then change it, but don't feel like, as I have done, done it because of someone has done it. Materialistic items isn't always going to make us happy, but making a space our in is, because it is your space and how you like it that matters. 

I think especially with social media seeing pictures of people with the perfect home that we now have to have the same, and adds pressure to ourselves. Never compare and unless the Queen visits, then don't be worried if for one day you have a messy home, because life is about living not tidying.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie X 

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