Monday, 15 March 2021

5 Tips on Establishing a Good Work Routine/Being a content creator

Hello and welcome! This week I am giving 5 Tips on Establishing a Good Work Routine, and it is something that if you too wish to be a content creator, writing blogs, books, online courses and create Youtube videos you have to get used to, and so here is a video giving you those tips:

It often means working evenings and weekends too, but if you have a good work routine it helps with balance and creating time for other things you want to do, and so for me it isn't work as it was once a hobby that has stemmed into a career but it also starts to open the door to other opportunities and once you start to develop a good routine it really helps with not getting burn out and to continue to enjoy it.

I am in the process of creating a Content Creators Planner, so stay posted as I will let you know, once this has been completed and becomes available.

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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Monday, 1 March 2021

Creating a blog post/10 tips/Demonstration of setting a blog on Google Blogger and Wordpress

 Hello and welcome! So I am now making videos for this blog site now and in this video I am talking about Creating a Blog post, which has 10 tips on creating a blog and give a demonstrating on how to set up one using Google Blogger and Wordpress. Click on the picture below to watch this video:

I also do write a bloglovin post about Blog writing aswell as writing books, check this out via this link:

The majority of my work is brainstorming and researching and developing work balance to schedule my blogs to make my postings consistent and relative. 

Never write about topics you do not know as it will show in your work, but doesn't mean you can't learn about new things to implement them into a blogpost as sometimes being a novice is something can help with building your audience as you are using it to tell your story of a new thing you have tried and this can encourage feedback. 

You want to show your audience that what you are sharing is real as everyone can know when someone has used a template, rather than written off the cuff which alot of it is and is original. 

So I wish you well and gave a good week and see you in the next blog. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Carrie L.M X

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