Saturday, 2 January 2021

Organizing Your New Year Goals

Hello and welcome to my Organization post. I have just written a building Self confidence post on my, Building Self Confidence blog site and in this post, I want to talk about Organizing Your New Year Goals.

I always as we draw near to another year set my new goals from December to December and this year I have separated my goals in three categories rather than 5 or 6, and they are,

  • Home
  • Work 
  • Play
Having goals should include fun things, you would like to do and this would come under Play, I wish to build my savings to have my own place again, that would be in my category, Home and want to start to sell more items on my blogsites, so comes under Work.

Check out my new Planning documents I have created which you can download and print off:

When you set out your goals make sure they have a purpose, they don't lead you overwhelmed and are fulfilling. 

There is no point for example me losing weight and not being happy because I feel hungry all of the time. The art of losing weight is to still eat, but when I am hungry and still enjoy foods, rather than restrict myself and then going over and over in my head of why I really want to eat the foods I love.

Goals should be something you set daily, weekly and monthly and Yearly. 

I for my blogs set targets and goals and I achieved on and that was to have 100 followers for my site:

It has done really well and I know my readers are getting something from the posts I write on this site, and it helps me stay on track.

So set your goals and make sure they include, Self Care and down time.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X 

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