Saturday, 28 November 2020

Organize my life as a Writer

Hello and yes this blog was written last year, when I began to write on these blogs again, and it feels like it wasn't that long ago, but reading it back, my writing strategy as changed, and wanted to update this post. 

Being a professional writer of many things including blogs, I do have to be somewhat organized and I have tried every system there is going, but only one works for me and that is scheduling via Google Calendar, my Notepad APP on my phone and living in a notebook. 

My A4b notebooks are my brain in words and brainstorming charts, as it is how I have found to be my way of planning, even if it is to others scattered.

I do use my blog schedule to help organize tasks and this includes times where I don't do writing, but research and planning out my TV work, and shows I am working on.

When it comes to working for yourself, it is good to have a support that will help still guide you, and I do have a manager and he has been the best gift I could have received for Christmas last year, because he was there when I needed someone the most and we will through the day talk to one another, so I don't fall under the ladder but keep going making sure that I do have intervals of breaks and focus on non writing work, aswell as writing. 

I have written some new EBooks and so if you would like to check these out you can on,, and they are under the name of Carrie Lee Holmes. 

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie  X 

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